Adenium Repotting

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Adeniums are grown not only for their beautiful flowers, but also for their unusual caudex formation. Manipulating the plants when young might produce different caudex results.

The pictures show some seven-month-old plants being repotted. Some have had their tap-roots cut, some have been potted at the same depth as they were growing, and some have been elevated so that there is scant soil covering the roots. I will have follow-up pictures in the spring/summer and we'll see what happened with different re-potting techniques. You will also see a plant that has always grown far faster than all the rest. I call this my "Green Giant" Adenium and I did not repot it. It is growing in a 5" diameter clay pot. She has grown so well that I simply did not want to disturb her. This will be my "control" plant, so to speak.

The original soil mix was more like "Cactus-Mix," with plenty of sand and gravel. The mix used when repotting was 1/4 milled sphagnum moss, 1/4 Black Kow, 1/4 super-coarse perlite, and 1/4 (rinsed) cypress mulch. This mix should not only be very well-draining, but also retain some moisture. You can easily see the difference in the before and after mixes by comparing the pictures of those that were repotted to the picture of the "Green Giant." I also replaced the 3-4" clay pots with 4" plastic, semi-air cone type of pots. The soil medium that I used was slightly damp, and I will only lightly mist the leaves for a few days. Watering will resume when the soil looks really dry, and at that point I will attempt to keep the soil slightly moist.

Thumb of 2016-01-07/drdawg/248121 Thumb of 2016-01-07/drdawg/a866f2 Thumb of 2016-01-07/drdawg/d39528

Thumb of 2016-01-07/drdawg/140606 Thumb of 2016-01-07/drdawg/5c4dfd Thumb of 2016-01-07/drdawg/d91419 Thumb of 2016-01-07/drdawg/2da97c

Thumb of 2016-01-07/drdawg/f108d4 Planted at the original depthThumb of 2016-01-07/drdawg/43b2f3 Elevated

Thumb of 2016-01-07/drdawg/03153a Same depthThumb of 2016-01-07/drdawg/1939e5 Elevated

Thumb of 2016-01-07/drdawg/58e7e3 RepottedThumb of 2016-01-07/drdawg/ddfe54 "Green Giant'

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