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A Forsythe Pot is a pot filled with potting medium, used for the propagation of cuttings. The Forsythe Pot needs to have water added and be checked for mosquito growth. I wanted something that could be ignored a little longer between waterings, eliminate the mosquito problem and, in my opinion, look just a bit nicer.

The basics of the Forsythe Pot are the same: a large container lined with landscape fabric and filled with vermiculite (don't forget to add drainage holes if you use a $1 plastic bowl from the thrift store like I did), central water container, and fresh cuttings with or without the use of rooting hormone.

Thumb of 2013-07-30/greene/3ac4e4
My first attempt in March (before the mosquito season).

My first attempt was good, but still had the problem of water open to mosquitoes.

The use of a Plant Nanny was the key! At my locally owned, independent nursery store, I purchased the Plant Nanny in both the small and the large versions. For the small I used a plastic soda bottle. Yes, green is my favorite color. For the larger Plant Nanny, it would be necessary to consume the contents of a long-necked bottle of wine. Ah, the sacrifices we make for a successful rooting experiment.

Thumb of 2013-07-30/greene/3546bb Small Plant Nanny

Thumb of 2013-07-30/greene/aa98a1 Large Plant Nanny

I decided I could make it look nicer - pretty enough for a Forsythe Pot of herbs to be left on a table. There is also the added advantage that the pot can be left quite a while between waterings, and if needed, the wine bottle version can be used for an extended delay in watering, such as a vacation.

Thumb of 2013-07-30/greene/a8d270 Adding the Plant Nanny.

In my version, the water is no longer accessible to mosquitoes. In a few weeks, the bottle of water will be hidden by the growing foliage. I added plant labels to identify the various cuttings.

Thumb of 2013-07-30/greene/bd2863 Water bottle is in place.

Thumb of 2013-07-30/greene/4e58b1 Viewed from the top.

Thumb of 2013-07-30/greene/0df828 Viewed from the side.

So why not make your own Forsythe Pot next weekend!

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