Dahlias in all shapes and sizes

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Most gardeners are familiar with the more common types of dahlias, the Formal & Informal Decorative, the Ball, the Single, and the Cactus, but there are other forms that get less notice.

These other forms are Waterlily, Anemone, and Orchids.

Here are a few examples of the different dahlia forms in my garden. I don't have singles, but most of the other types are included.

The Formal and Informal Decorative Dahlias can range in size from 3.5" - 12" (and occasionally larger) blooms, and plant heights ranging from 2.5 ft - 6ft or taller in some gardens.

Kenora Lisa is a B (6-8") sized Formal Decorative dahlia
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/141892

Cafe au Lait is a B-sized Informal Decorative dahlia
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/a765bc

Red Hat is a BB (4-6") sized Informal Decorative dahlia
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/e1e84e

The blooms of Cactus, Semi-cactus, and Incurved Cactus forms can also range from 3.5-12"

Hollyhill Starburst is a BB-sized Cactus
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/582f70

Skipley Bonanza is a B-sized Incurved Cactus
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/9fd5df

AC Ben is an AA (over 10") sized Semi-cactus
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/99f35e

Ball Dahlias are not officially sized, but are usually in the 3.5-4.5" range, occasionally larger. And there are Mini-Balls, which are 2" - 3.5"

Valley Rust Bucket - Ball Dahlia
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/657bf3

Felinda Ornament - Ball Dahlia
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/07786f

Hollyhill Pixie - Mini-ball
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/309e9e

Pom Dahlias are the smallest ball forms, and are under 2.5"

Ginger Willo - Pom
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/3e8ea2

Waterlily forms are also not officially sized, and usually range from 3.5" to 6"

Kelgai Anne - Waterlily Dahlia
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/bb54a6

Patricia Anne's Sunset - Waterlily Dahlia
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/710171

Orchid Dahlias are a favorite of mine, with small star-shaped blooms of 2-4"

Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/1c1da2

Juul's Allstar
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/923ea8

Verone's Morning Star
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/1b403a

Anemone Dahlias are also smaller blooms: 2-3.5"

Lucky Ducky - Anemone Dahlia
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/e662b6

Rock Star - Anemone Dahlia
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/1a7a23

Novelty Dahlias are the oddballs that don't fit in elsewhere, and they usually have smaller blooms.

River's Novelty is a double orchid bloom
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/db0cff

Valley Porcupine - the petals curve backward instead of the usual forward curve.
Thumb of 2015-09-26/mandolls/4e43ad

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