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Shady NooksShady Nooks
May 7, 2014

“Oh for a book and a shady nook, either indoors or out, with the green leaves whispering overhead,” John Wilson

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Variegated Plants in My GardenVariegated Plants in My Garden
April 21, 2014

Variegated plants add wonderful variety to the garden, and one of the loveliest in my garden is the perennial Jacob's Ladder Brise d’Anjou.

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Growing Daylilies in the High CountryGrowing Daylilies in the High Country
April 9, 2014

It can be very challenging to grow most plants at an elevation of some 3500 feet above sea level, along with long cold winters and short, dry, windy summers with very cool nights.

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In Praise of PetuniasIn Praise of Petunias
March 26, 2014

“Petunia is a genus of 35 species of flowering plants of South American origin, closely related to tobacco, cape gooseberries, tomatoes, deadly nightshades, potatoes and chili peppers; in the family Solanaceae." (Wikipedia)

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                                        How To Get Indoor Amaryllis/Hippeastrum To Bloom How To Get Indoor Amaryllis/Hippeastrum To Bloom
February 26, 2014

I have heard a lot of folks say that they cannot get their Amaryllis/Hippeastrum to bloom the second or third year, and I was very surprised to be told by a saleslady at a garden center that she was unsuccessful.

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 Spring Mulching Made Easier Spring Mulching Made Easier
February 13, 2014

If you have perennial beds that need mulch or compost this spring, try this idea.

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How To Cut Spent Amaryllis/Hippeastrum Bloom Stalks in Difficult SpacesHow To Cut Spent Amaryllis/Hippeastrum Bloom Stalks in Difficult Spaces
January 3, 2014

Once the beautiful blooms have faded on your Amaryllis plants, the bloom stalks will need cutting if you are not letting the plant set seed pods. This will let the energy go into the production of the leaves to feed the bulb.

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Let’s Talk About Spiders!Let’s Talk About Spiders!
December 3, 2013

We all know that spiders are great in the garden to help control insects, but not so great when they come inside the house. Fall is a bad time of year for this as the spiders are looking for a warm place to “hang out" for the winter.

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Save Your Back PottingSave Your Back Potting
November 29, 2013

When we replaced our laundry tub several years ago, hubby asked whether I had any use for it. Right away I said yes, it would be very handy for mixing my potting soil and filling the pots in the shed. A small garden spade is great for mixing as I sometimes combine two or more different types of planting media. I add water and mix until just damp, then fill the pots without a big mess everywhere, and it is easy on my back. The tub, being lightweight, can also be taken outside on a nice day.

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Washing and Drying HerbsWashing and Drying Herbs
November 26, 2013

The easiest way to wash and dry herbs is to use a salad spinner. It is quick, easy and works great!

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Naturally Discourage WaspsNaturally Discourage Wasps
June 29, 2012

Hang plastic wasp nests in a couple of trees in your garden to discourage wasps and hornets from building their nests in the area. They are territorial and won't build close to another nest.

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A Quick Snow TipA Quick Snow Tip
May 14, 2012

In cold zones where you are fortunate enough to get snow, it's a good idea to shovel extra snow on plants and shrubs, especially near the foundation as it doesn't always get good coverage. The plants are more likely to die from drying out than from the cold.

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Round-Up TipRound-Up Tip
May 12, 2012

If you have a plant that is surrounded by other plants and you want to use Round-Up on it, use 5 or 6 garden stakes around the plant and a large trash/garbage bag with the bottom cut open. Place it around the stakes and plant; carefully tuck all foliage inside, pull the bag to the top and secure it by poking a hole with the stake through the top of the bag. You can then safely spray inside the bag. Wait until it is dry before removing the bag and stakes.

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Gardening Kneeling Pad CareGardening Kneeling Pad Care
March 23, 2012

If you have a favorite garden kneeling pad, as I do, and you want to keep it clean when working in wet or muddy areas, just slip it into a kitchen catcher with tabs and secure the ends so that it doesn't slip out.

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Keeping Your Tools HandyKeeping Your Tools Handy
March 22, 2012

I keep all of my small garden tools and gloves in a plastic bucket that I can just grab and go to work, knowing everything that I need is there and I don't have to go looking for them.

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Carry Your Supplies Around the GardenCarry Your Supplies Around the Garden
March 8, 2012

I use an ice cream pail with the handle on it to tote my camera, phone, little plastic baggies, small note book and pen, and a few peanuts for the Steller's jays whenever I am working in the garden. When I move, it moves with me. I put a white cloth over it to protect it from dust or light sprinkles.

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Plastic Utensils Can Be Good Plant MarkersPlastic Utensils Can Be Good Plant Markers
February 17, 2012

Use plastic knives as plant markers. Use a paint pen to write the plant names on them.

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Use Rocks in your GardenUse Rocks in your Garden
February 6, 2012

Rocks used in a flower or shrub bed can be a very attractive addition to your garden.

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Bungee Cord Usage in the GardenBungee Cord Usage in the Garden
February 5, 2012

Bungee cords are very handy in the garden! They come in different lengths and they are large enough so that they don't hurt the plants or shrubs when used to tie plants together or to stakes.

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How To Encourage Toads To Stay in your GardenHow To Encourage Toads To Stay in your Garden
February 4, 2012

Build a toad house to encourage toads to stay in your garden, I used a clay pot saucer and a couple of rocks and located it in a cool shady area.

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Planning Out New Garden BedsPlanning Out New Garden Beds
January 31, 2012

Use an old garden hose to shape a new planting bed. You can change the shape until your happy with it, then use landscape paint to mark it and remove the hose, or use landscape staples to keep the hose in place.

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Attract Birds for Your Benefit and for TheirsAttract Birds for Your Benefit and for Theirs
January 30, 2012

Make a bird habitat with shrubs for cover, a few nesting boxes, and a bird bath. The birds will reward you by eating many garden pests.

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Quick Connectors for Easier WateringQuick Connectors for Easier Watering
January 29, 2012

Quick connectors on your hoses, sprinklers and nozzles really speed up the watering process to get the job done quickly.

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Homes for Solitary BeesHomes for Solitary Bees
January 12, 2012

All bees are very important for pollination. To keep solitary bees in your garden, build them a house. My husband made a simple one from a 4x4 cut about 15" inches long, with one end cut on a slant. He then drilled several rows of holes about 2 inches deep with varying sizes from 1/6 to 3/8 of an inch. Lastly, he cut a board somewhat larger than the first and nailed it to the slanted end as a roof. Attach the new bee house to a fence or tree for happy bees!!

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Trash Bags for Plant TiesTrash Bags for Plant Ties
January 6, 2012

Cut a large heavy duty green trash/garbage bag into strips while still folded to use as inexpensive garden ties, open the strips and cut to desired length.

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Caddies Will Save Your Back and Your PlantsCaddies Will Save Your Back and Your Plants
December 7, 2011

To easily move and prevent large planters from staining the deck or patio, purchase plant caddies. They come in assorted sizes.

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Why Gardeners Use BaggiesWhy Gardeners Use Baggies
December 6, 2011

Small, plastic, resealable baggies are a gardener's friend. They can be found in the craft section, often with the beads. Use them to save your seeds, as well as for mailing small seeds to friends. They can also be used to germinate daylily seeds. Simply add a small piece of paper towel and moisten with distilled water. Works great as you can see the seed when it's ready to plant.

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Bug CatchersBug Catchers
December 5, 2011

I keep a few small jars in my shed, and when I see a bug that I don't recognize, I put it in the jar until I find out what it is. That way I don't kill the good bugs.

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Keep Up with Your PlantsKeep Up with Your Plants
November 20, 2011

To create a portable garden Rolodex, trim a plant tag at its base, place it photo side up on a shipping tag, and staple it near one end so you can easily read the flip side. Group the tags on key rings, and make notes about where you sited the plants in the garden or pots. I photographed the tag Rolodex from the magazine where I saw the tip.

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Cheap Plant MarkersCheap Plant Markers
November 12, 2011

For inexpensive plant markers that won't blow away, buy an aluminium mini blind (don't use plastic as it may crack) at a garage sale or at one of the big box stores in a sale bin, and from 25 to 50 heavy-duty irrigation staples. Cut mini blinds in the length you need, 3" to 4", measure, and drill holes closer to one side to fit the staples. Write the plant name on the back with a Sharpie, so it wont fade in the shade, and then on the front using a paint pen or a pencil. Carefully thread it onto the staple and then spread a little, as shown in the photo.

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How To Empty the Garden FountainHow To Empty the Garden Fountain
November 5, 2011

An easy way to empty the fountain of water for cleaning is to create a siphon using an old piece of hose.

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