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There eventually comes a time when you want to share your plants with someone in another state, province, or country. This is a tutorial showing one of the best ways to package your plants, ensuring that they will make it to their destination in one piece.

I've sent and received many plants through the mail. Some were a success, some were a total disaster. There isn't much that's more depressing than finally getting that highly desired plant in the mail and opening it just to find a pile of rotted mush or dried up twigs.

I'm going to show the shipping method of my favourite e-bay vendor to illustrate, in my opinion, the best way to package your plants for shipping. I've received dozens of plants from her and there is never a damaged leaf or a drop of soil out of place. All it takes is a bit of time, but it's well worth the time. These are plants in 2 inch solo cups, but the method will also work well for larger plants.

2011-10-21/threegardeners/e67741 Make sure you've given the plant a little drink but don't leave it soggy wet. Wrap cotton balls around the soil on top of the pot.
2011-10-21/threegardeners/938908 All wrapped and ready.
2011-10-21/threegardeners/9e6815 Take a small plastic bag and very carefully wrap the pot and snug the bag up to the base of the leaves.
2011-10-21/threegardeners/7501c1 Tape the sides of the bag.
2011-10-21/threegardeners/4636da Tape the bottom of the bag.
2011-10-21/threegardeners/155d8b Roll your nicely wrapped plant up in heavy paper. It was a bit cold when these were shipped so a layer of waxed paper was added inside.
2011-10-21/threegardeners/b9f150 Here they are all rolled up in their tubes. If you don't have heavy paper, toilet paper or paper towel tubes would work well here, just slice them down the centre, wrap them around the plant and then tape shut.
2011-10-21/threegardeners/3e7759 Pretty rolls all ready to go. They can be bunched together with an elastic.  Be sure to label each plant.
2011-10-21/threegardeners/d91a3d Wrap the rolls in bubble wrap or foam.
2011-10-21/threegardeners/d486a4 Place in a box, label, and send.

This method ensures that your plants will arrive alive after even 2 weeks in the mail. The cotton keeps the soil from escaping. The bag helps keeps the moisture in the pots without rotting the foliage. Wrapping them in tubes protects the foliage from damage if the box is banged around by postal workers. Wrapping all of the tubes in the bubble wrap/foam is an added layer of protection, making sure they stay snug in their box.

The next time you ship plants in the mail, give this method a try. The person you're sending them to will appreciate the time and effort and won't be disappointed when the plants arrive.

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