Wings Across the Curriculum

By Eve Pranis

Classroom stories, how-to, and resources on butterfly gardening abound here on the Kidsgardening Web site. Here a few more suggestions for bring learning to life on the wing.

  • Keep journals or develop a class book to record observations, questions, predictions, and inferences about butterfly behavior and life cycles in your classroom and/or outdoor garden.
  • Create maps, to scale, of your butterfly garden.
  • Compare the habitat needs of butterflies with those of other animals, including humans.
  • Discuss or write about other types of metamorphoses or transformations in nature or personal lives.
  • Create butterfly kites, origami, masks, collages, and so on.
  • Observe and try to identify moths and butterflies in your area.
  • Develop a newsletter to highlight your butterfly project for other students, teachers, and parents.
  • Experiment indoors to determine which host plants caterpillars prefer.
  • Survey your butterfly garden or wild areas outside to discover which types of plants different butterflies seem to prefer. Explore some of those plants more closely to discover whether they also attract other insects.
  • Explore the adaptations that help butterflies avoid predators. Discuss the ways in which human "predators" might affect butterfly habitats and populations.
  • Design a caterpillar cafe collage, illustrating favorite food and host plants for species in your area.

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