New Yellow Jacket Trap

By Charlie Nardozzi

Disposable (left) and reusable yellow jacket traps

Come late summer, yellow jackets are on the prowl. They have built their nests in the lawns and gardens and are foraging for water and carbohydrate-rich foods. If you're trying to have a picnic anywhere near a yellow jacket nest, they will invite themselves to lunch and perhaps sting you in the process.

For gardeners wanting to avoid harmful sprays to control yellow jackets, there is a new safe trap available. The trap is effective against all species of yellow jackets in the United States, yet it doesn't harm beneficial insects, such as honeybees.

Rescue Yellow Jacket Trap consists of a two-layer durable, plastic bag containing a water-soluble attractant. The molded plastic entry structure is designed to prevent escape. Simply add water or diluted apple juice to the trap and hang it outside. Once the trap is full, you can close the yellow top cap and place it in the garbage. There is a reusable version of the trap as well.

Hang the traps on a bush or tree 20 feet from your outdoor activity or along your property's perimeter. The attractant lasts for weeks without needing to be refreshed.

For more information go to the Rescue Yellow Jacket Trap Web Site at

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