Bug Blaster

By Charlie Nardozzi

While a well-known insect control technique involves spraying strong blasts of water on plants to knock off insects, most traditional water nozzles just aren't very effective at providing complete coverage. Now a California landscaper has developed a more efficient water nozzle to blast insects and disease spores off plant leaves and branches. The Bug Blaster spray nozzle features a 360-degree flat spray design. The spray easily reaches under leaves and into the center of shrubs to remove insects where they hide.

The Bug Blaster can control adults, larvae, and eggs of aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, and whiteflies. It also removes dust and disease spores, such as sooty mold, to lessen the need for fungicides. For best results keep the Bug Blaster spray wand vertical and move it in a sweeping motion throughout the plant. Spray every 3 to 5 days for 2 weeks. In tests at the University of California, Riverside, researchers found Bug Blaster worked as well as many chemical treatments in controlling whiteflies.

The Bug Blaster nozzle fits on a regular 3/4-inch-diameter garden hose wand, or you can purchase a specially designed Bug Blaster wand that's angled to reach inside the shrubs.

For more information, go to: Bug Blaster.

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