Shamrock Plants Get a Makeover

By Charlie Nardozzi, November 17, 2005


To warm-weather gardeners, shamrock plants (Oxalis) are weeds. To Irish-Americans, they're considered good luck. The new series of shamrocks available for home gardeners might actually turn them into favorite plants. These plants feature large, attractive leaves and dainty, bluish white flowers.

The Charmed series of oxalis can be grown in beds, containers, and window boxes outdoors, or indoors under lights or in a sunny window. Oxalis 'Charmed Wine' is the most colorful of the series, with its velvety, wine-colored angular leaves. Oxalis 'Charmed Jade' -- the most vigorous grower -- has striking green leaves with a silver sheen. Oxalis 'Charmed Velvet' -- a tame grower -- has velvety black leaves. All three grow 12 to 16 inches tall and are hardy in USDA zone 8. They grow best in shade and make excellent houseplants in cold regions. If the foliage gets leggy for lack of light, just cut it back and new growth will appear within days from the small bulbs.

For more information on the Oxalis Charmed series, go to: Proven Winners.

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