A New Walkway De-Icer That's Safe for Plants

By Charlie Nardozzi

Winter is upon us. If you live in an area with frequent snow and ice storms, you know it's a chore to keep the drive and walkways cleared and safe. One of the products often used is a commercial de-icer. Although effective on ice and snow, most of these products wreak havoc on pavers, plants, and lawns. Safer home remedies, such as kitty litter, have been tried with varying degrees of success. A new de-icer is reported to be as effective as those chemical products, but it features a safe, plant-based active ingredient.

IceClear de-icer is an environmentally friendly product made of potassium acetate derived from corn. IceClear is best used as a preventative product. Just sprinkle 1 gallon per 1000 square feet of the de-icer on walkways prior to a storm. The liquid will remain unfrozen to -50 degrees F, and will keep light snow from building up. Even if the snow does eventually accumulate, IceClear stops it from bonding to walkways so removal is easier. It also can be used directly on existing ice and snow.

Best of all, IceClear won't damage trees, shrubs, walkways, or lawn grasses. And if it's tracked indoors, it won't stain carpets. It can be sprayed on with a conventional sprayer.

For more on IceClear de-icer, go to: Monterey Lawn and Garden Products.

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