A Fountain That Runs on Sunlight

By Charlie Nardozzi, July 31, 2006


Garden accessories are all the rage, and water features are one of the favorites of home gardeners. Fountains, babbling brooks, and waterfalls are beautiful additions to a garden, but they can be complicated and expensive to install and maintain. Now there's a cascading fountain that only needs the sun to run.

The Sun-Powdered Cascade Fountain needs no wiring or plumbing to set up. Simply place the solar panel within 14 feet of the fountain, and the sun powers the built-in pump that recirculates the water through the fountain. The water cascades from a pitcher, down through four bowls, and around again, creating a soothing atmosphere on a deck, patio, or even indoors.

The fountain comes in terra cotta or blue ceramic glaze. For more information on these sun-powered fountains, go to: Plow & Hearth.

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