Organic Strawberries Better for Fighting Cancer

By Charlie Nardozzi, January 30, 2007


Over the years we've reported about the various cancer-fighting compounds contained in many fresh fruits and vegetables. New research suggests that how the fruits and vegetables are grown may make a difference in the quantity of these compounds in the crops.

Researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences took extracts from five varieties of strawberries, some grown organically and some grown conventionally. They compared the extracts for their ability to inhibit colon and breast cancer cell growth in laboratory tests. The organic strawberry extracts inhibited colon cancer cells by 60 percent and breast cancer cells by 53 percent. The conventionally grown strawberry extracts inhibited the cells by 49 and 38 percent respectively. Also, the organically grown strawberries had higher concentrations of antioxidants and vitamin C.

For more information about this research, go to: Institute of Science in Society.

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