The Pitchfork Gets a Makeover

By Charlie Nardozzi, March 13, 2007


The pitchfork is an agricultural icon that has many uses in the home garden. It's great for spreading bark mulch, turning compost piles, and moving hay, straw, leaves, and other bulk materials. However, the sharp metal tines can be dangerous -- especially with kids around.

Now, from Sheffield, England, comes a safer, modern version of the pitchfork. The Unifork has wide tines made of lightweight, high-grade polypropylene so there are no sharp, metal points. It performs all the tasks a pitchfork can do, plus its curved shape allows you to move more material faster. The Unifork is strong enough to withstand being run over by a truck, and it won't puncture the tires. Available in five bright colors, it's easy to keep track of in the yard.

For more information on the Unifork, go to: Union Jack Stable & Garden.

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