Quieter, Lighter Reel Mower

By Charlie Nardozzi, May 21, 2007


Gas-powered reel mowers cut grass cleanly with a scissor action, but although they are still used by some golf course professionals, the home garden versions of these mowers were heavy, unwieldy, and hard to use. Now there's a new, lightweight, cordless reel mower for home gardeners.

The Cordless Reel Mower is a battery-operated mower that produces the same clean cut as the professional models, but it's quiet, nonpolluting, and requires little maintenance. It weighs only 25 pounds, runs on a 24-volt rechargeable battery, and can mow a 2500-square-foot lawn with a single charge. The battery and charger are included. The Cordless Reel Mower is great for small lawns and will cut any grass except Bermuda and zoysia. Other than oiling and occasional sharpening, the Cordless Reel Mower requires little maintenance.

For more information about this mower, go to: Mantis.

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