Gifts for Gardeners

By National Gardening Association Editors

If you have gardeners on your holiday shopping list, you're in luck -- there are many unique, innovative, and attractive gifts that every gardener is sure to enjoy. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Back to Basics -- A Gardener's Tool Box

Every gardener, from the beginner to the most experienced, appreciates a gift of the basics. Most gardeners would welcome a gift of high quality hand tools, such as trowels and cultivators. A set along with a convenient tool caddy, would be especially useful. And you can't have too many pruning tools! If the recipient's garden is some distance from their tool shed, consider this idea: Purchase a mailbox, place the hand tools in that, wrap it all up, and include a card suggesting that the recipient set up the tool-filled mailbox next to their garden. That way their tools are always close by, safe and dry. If you're so inclined, you can even paint and decorate the mailbox!

For gardeners who start plants from seed or grow plants in containersand that includes most gardenersa potting bench would be a perfect gift. At potting time, most gardeners gather up their various supplies and pot up plants on an old table. A potting bench lets the gardener keep supplies handy, and some are designed to keep soil contained on the surface. Plus, they're much more attractive than an old table!

Easy Does It -- Garden Gadgets That Make Life Easier

As enjoyable as it is, gardening can sometimes be hard work. Fortunately, there are new, innovative products that make gardening tasks more convenient and comfortable. For example, a mini tiller/cultivator is the perfect tool for fluffing garden soil, incorporating soil amendments, and weeding between rows. Unfortuntately, most gas-powered tillers are started with a pull cord, and the repeated pulling needed to get them started can be tiring and frustrating it if won't start. A powerful yet maneuverable mini cultivator with an electric start will surely bring gasps of joy to any gardener, beginner or experienced.

There's no question about it: you just have to pull some weeds by hand. And bending and kneeling to weed can take its toll on backs and knees. Specially designed seats, kneelers, and knee pads make the job so much more pleasant.

Form and Function -- Everyday Objects Made Beautiful

A practical gift is appreciated, but a functional gift that's also beautiful is a special treat. Everyday objects don't have to be dull to be usefulsome innovative manufacturers have transformed ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art.

Most gardeners enjoy watching and feeding birds and appreciate their help in controlling garden pests. Even if the gardeners on your list already have a bird feeder, they'll be happy to add a second one if it's a decorative one. In addition to providing seed, a sure-fire way to invite birds is to provide a source of water. Why not provide it in a beautiful birdbath that also adds a striking focal point to the landscape?

Even busy gardeners need to stop and smell the flowers once in a while, and what better place than a comfortable bench located near the garden? A beautiful, durable bench is a gift that will be enjoy for many years.

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