Bulb Flowers For All Occasions

By Charlie Nardozzi, June 23, 2008


Bulb flowers, both cut and potted, are popular gifts for many occasions, including first dates and dinner parties. However, many people, especially men, don't know what flowers to bring to these occasions -- especially when they involve the opposite sex -- or how to take care of the flowers. The Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center has created a fun Web site (www.savedbythebud.com) that can help the flower illiterate to select and care for the right cut or potted flower bulbs for the occasion.

The site covers four possible scenarios -- she's visiting you, you're visiting her, it's a special occasion, or you're in the doghouse -- and suggests the appropriate flower to bring and how to present it. You'll also find practical, how-to tips on caring for the flowers, and nine videos on topics such as Arranging Cut Tulips and Pots for Daffodils.

Find out more about how to impress someone with bulb flowers at: Savedbythebud.com.

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