Attractive Houseplant Terrarium

By Charlie Nardozzi, December 18, 2007


Terrariums are useful for growing plants indoors without expensive and space-consuming lights and growth chambers. Plus, when the terrarium is attractively designed, it can become a focal point in your living room all on its own.

The Dutch terrarium is small enough to fit on an end table, yet attractive enough to be displayed in a prominent spot. The 10-inch-tall by 7-1/2-inch-wide terrarium features a Dutch delft floral pattern ceramic base and a bell jar-shaped glass top. Included with the terrarium is a Selaginella pallescens fern. This fern thrives in low light and grows well in the high humidity environment provided by the terrarium.

For more information on the Dutch terrarium, go to: Logee's Greenhouses.


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