Prevent Dog Spots on Your Lawn

By Charlie Nardozzi

Man's best friend can be one of the lawn's worst enemies. Dead areas on lawns from dogs "doing their business" are a common sight in urban and suburban areas with little green space. While the best solution is to train a dog to use a designated area, dogs still may use your green patch as their personal bathroom.

The grass is killed by the excessive amount of ammonia nitrogen and salts from the urine and feces being concentrated in a small area. You can reduce the damage by heavily watering the area immediately after your dog is finished urinating and by removing the feces. However, this isn't always practical. Now there's a product that can help.

Guard Dog is a nontoxic formulation of microbes and organic compounds that help repair dead spots on your grass caused by dogs. Spray Guard Dog on affected areas to repair the damage. The microbes consume the ammonia, bind the salts, and increase soil permeability, helping the lawn recover. As a preventative spray, apply Guard Dog on lawns every eight weeks.

For more information on Guard Dog, go to: GET Microsolutions.

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