Faux Coyote Scares Away Birds

By Charlie Nardozzi, August 11, 2008


From the manufacturer who brought you the scare-eye balloons and faux owls to help ward off unwanted birds comes another faux predator for your yard. The faux coyote is not just a one-dimensional cutout of this prolific predator. The decoy is three-dimensional and the tail moves with the breeze. It gives birds, such as Canada geese and seagulls, and land animals, such as skunks and rabbits, the impression that a predator is lurking about. The decoy is attached to a stake that you stick in the ground.

As with any stationary scare tactic, it helps to move it around the yard every few days so the birds and animals don't get used to it. Also, it's suggested that you spray coyote urine around the area to give animals a sensory, as well as visual, cue.

For more information on the faux coyote, go to: Bird-X.


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