Propane Powered Grass Trimmer

By Charlie Nardozzi, November 18, 2008


Many power equipment manufacturers are adapting their products to environmental regulations by making them more fuel efficient and cleaner burning. There is also an increase in the use of alternative fuels to power these garden tools. While electric- and battery-powered tools get most of the limelight, here's a new propane-powered tool to consider.

Lehr Power Tools has introduced the new Eco Trimmer. This string trimmer is powered by a 16 ounce propane canister that twists onto the engine. Propane is a clean fuel, producing less ozone, particulate matter, and hydrocarbons than gasoline. It is cheaper, safer, and easier to use. Plus, 90 percent of our propane is produced domestically so it reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

For more information on this new Eco Trimmer, go to: Lehr Eco Trimmer .


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