The Soil Sifter

By Charlie Nardozzi, July 29, 2009


Many garden plants love a loose, fertile topsoil for growing. This is especially true of fine-rooted plants. However, unless you're willing to buy bagged topsoil or compost or have someone screen the soil for you, it's hard to create such a fine medium. Enter the Soil Sifter. This simple device was designed and created by a gardener who got tired of working his rocky soil. It's a screen made from 1/4-inch hardware cloth that is attached to an unfinished wooden frame. The frame is constructed so it fits snugly over a standard 37" by 28" wheelbarrow bed. Just dig your bed, placing shovelfuls of soil on the screen, move the soil around with your hands to screen the topsoil into the wheelbarrow, and dump the remaining rocks, sticks, and large soil clods. The finished product in the wheelbarrow is loose, sifted top soil.

The soil sifter comes in a mini-version (20" by 20") and can be ordered with larger diameter screen holes (1/2 inch) is so desired. For more information on this simple and effect tool, go to: Soil Sifter


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