Easy-to-Clean Bird Feeder

By Charlie Nardozzi, January 13, 2010


Winter is for bird feeding. However, it's important to keep your feeder clean and disease-free for our feathered friends to enjoy. Bird seed left out in the rain can get moldy and harbor pathogens that can harm a wild bird's health. With the cold weather, cleaning a feeder can be difficult.

Now there's a new tube bird feeder that features an easy-to-clean mechanism. The Onyx Clever Clean bird feeder features a twist-release base for quick and easy clean out. It's simple to remove old seed that has collected on the bottom of the tube feeder and replace it with flesh, new seed. The Onyx Clever Clean feeders come in 3 heights -- 12", 18", and 24" -- and are available for sunflower/mixed seed or nyjer seed.

For more information on these new feeders, go to: Droll Yankee.


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