Wave Good-bye to Wasps

By Susan Littlefield

Nothing can spoil a late summer picnic or barbecue faster than having to fend off hordes of wasps and yellowjackets. But hold that spray- wasps are also beneficial garden predators that feed on pests such as gypsy moth caterpillars. For a simple, pesticide-free and environmentally friendly way to discourage paper wasps, try the Original Waspinator? from Contech. Since these wasps are territorial, this device, which looks like a wasps' nest, sends the message to passing wasps to stay away because the territory is already claimed. It's easy to hang this portable deterrent wherever it's needed- take it to the backyard, beach or park.

While many species of yellowjacket wasps are also beneficial predators, some species are scavengers and it is these that are likely to be bothersome around picnic tables, garbage cans and other food sources. To discourage them in your yard, keep garbage can lids tightly closed, don't keep pet food in dishes outside and cover food and sugary drinks that are sitting outside. Also make sure your compost bin is covered or located away from areas of the yard where people eat and play.

To protect the area around a picnic table or play area, hang Contech's Wasp and Yellowjacket Bag Trap. Its non-toxic, pesticide-free lure draws yellowjackets and wasps into the trap and keeps them there. According to the company, the trap's field-tested new design has an improved catch rate and uses 50% less material in its packaging.

For more information on these wasp and yellowjacket controls, go to: Contech Outdoor Insect Control.

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