Glamorous Kale

By Susan Littlefield

Ornamental cabbages and kales are some of the most colorful additions to the fall garden. Displaying eye-catching, ruffled textures and vivid shades of pink, purple, red, white and green, these cold-hardy plants continue to add interest to the late-season garden long after frost has shut down even asters and mums.

Now, for the first time in seventy-eight years of trialing, the All-America Selections has chosen an ornamental kale (or any kale at all, for that matter) as one of its 2011 winners. Bred by Takii & Co., Ltd., the cultivar 'Glamour Red' was chosen as a cool-season bedding plant award winner for its unique, shiny, waxless leaves that have a more intense, vivid, reddish-purple color than other ornamental kales with waxy leaves.

'Glamour Red' is a fringed leaf type of Brassica oleracea that grows about 12 inches tall and 14 inches wide, with good disease tolerance. Plants sown from seed will begin to "bloom" in about 90 days. Their bright colors begin to develop when night temperatures fall below 55°F for about 2 weeks. This frost-tolerant plant will look good in the garden until late fall in northern gardens and through the winter in milder climates.

All-America Selections winners are new garden seed varieties that have been judged to have superior garden performance in impartial trials in North America.

For more information on 'Glamour Red' ornamental kale, go to: AAS.

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