Grow Biointensively

By Susan Littlefield

Ecology Action is a non-profit organization whose mission is teach people around the world to better feed themselves by growing their own food while building the soil and conserving resources at the same time. To this end, they have built upon age-old cultivation techniques to develop their own scientifically-tested, biologically-intensive, organic food raising approach called the Grow Biointensive? Sustainable Mini-farming method.

When properly used, this method results in the building of topsoil sixty times faster than in nature. Water consumption, fertilizer and energy use are greatly reduced, while soil fertility, production and the income from crops produced show a large increase.

To help spread the information on these techniques, a free, downloadable self-teaching handbook is available at their website. Written by Margo Royer-Miller, this 16-page guide contains information on deep soil preparation, composting, intensive planting and companion planting and how to integrate all the various techniques into one effective system. Also included are chapters on carbon farming (raising crops to provide material for composting) and calorie farming (how to grow the food for a nutritionally complete diet on the smallest amount of land).

With worldwide Internet access these days, Ecology Action hopes that this information can reach around the globe to help improve the lives of people everywhere. But even if you are not planning on small-scale farming, the information contained in the guide can help you make your own garden more productive and environmentally friendly.

To download the self-teaching handbook on Sustainable Mini-Farming, go to: Grow Biointensive.

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