Feel the Burn

By Susan Littlefield

After a long day out in the garden weeding, planting, and mowing, it sure can feel like you've burned a lot of calories. But if you want to figure out if you expended enough to earn a big serving of strawberry shortcake made from your home harvested berries, you can check the Calorie Count website and figure out just how many calories you used in the garden.

From carrying, digging, and weeding to raking, laying sod, mowing, planting trees -- even picking fruit off trees -- you can figure out just how many calories are expended with these activities and note the equivalent calories in food, both junk and healthful. For example, according to the site, a 150 pound person will use up 306 calories per hour planting trees. This is the same amount of calories as in 10.2 carrots -- or less than half (.4) of a Big Mac with Cheese. And think how much better you'll do if you grow those carrots yourself!

Just in case you need to burn a few more calories than your gardening activities afford, there is also a section with information on exercise and exercise plans.

To find out how many calories you're burning in the garden, go to: Calorie Count.

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