Spy Sunglasses

By Charlie Nardozzi

The new Plant Stress Detection Glasses may look like regular sunglasses, but they filter out the green and blue wavelengths of the light spectrum. Viewed through these glasses, chlorophyll-rich and healthy green leaves appear dark gray or purple. Stressed leaves lacking in chlorophyll due to insect, disease, or drought damage appear in bright red, pink, or yellow, depending on the problem. The result? When you wear the glasses, stressed plants and lawns stand out.

You'll have to wear the glasses for a few hours to train your eyes to notice the color variations. Also, some people may become dizzy when wearing the glasses initially, so the manufacturer recommends that you wear the glasses for only 15 minutes at a time for the first few days.

Plant Stress Detection Glasses are most effective when used to look for stressed areas in large plantings, such as an orchard or expanse of lawn. Once your eyes adjust to the glasses and you grow accustomed to the color variations, you'll notice dry lawn areas and insect-infested or diseased leaves earlier than anyone else.

Plant Stress Detection Glasses sell for $59 a pair; a clip-on version costs $49.

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