By Dave Whitinger

Let's see the most popular Lilies cultivars in our database:

#1: Lily (Lilium 'Star Gazer')

@jmorth says, "Probably the foremost favorite of all lilies grown. Very famous.
'Dazzling knockout'."

#2: Lily (Lilium 'Black Beauty')

@chelle says, "This plant seems a bit weak-stemmed and flops in part-sun conditions."

@SongofJoy added, "This plant has done very well for me in my zone. Since the blooms face downward, depending on the location, it can need some staking. Does well for me in pots and in the ground. Vigorous and blooms for a long time mid-to-late summer and into early fall. The color is striking."

#3: Lily (Lilium 'Casa Blanca')

@lovesblooms says, "Pure white, immaculate form, up to 6 blooms per stem. A dainty vision with pink roses."

#4: Lily (Lilium 'Lollypop')

@pardalinum says, "This lily is also known as "Lollipop" but is registered with the RHS Lily Register as Lollypop."

@jmorth added, "This Asiatic replicates swiftly,"

#5: Lily (Lilium 'Muscadet')

@mattsmom says, "Beautiful Oriental."

@BookerC1 added, "This lily produces HUGE blooms!"

#6: Tiger Lily (Lilium lancifolium)

@robertduval14 says, "a classic. Grows very well here in zone 5b southern New Hampshire."

#7: Lily (Lilium 'Black Out')

@SongofJoy says, "'Black Out' has glossy carmine buds and flowers with black-red throats, centered with tiny black spots. This lily is darkest red and dazzling. Can reach 4'.


#8: Orienpet Lily (Lilium 'Conca d'Or')

@Ispahan says, "An exquisite Dutch-bred OT lily hybrid. 'Conca d'Or' has long lasting, gigantic blooms with beautiful coloring, wonderful fragrance and amazing garden presence. My first year stems are 4 feet tall with 8-9 buds each. One of my favorites to cut for indoor use since the fragrance is strong enough to scent several rooms but never becomes cloying or overpowering.

I am not sure why, but in the past I have purchased many cut stems of 'Conca d'Or' that look just like what I am growing now but were absolutely scentless."

#9: Lily (Lilium 'Dizzy')

@BookerC1 says, "This lily is a real eye-catcher, due to the brilliance of the white petals, with an intensely raspberry red stripe down the center. They are stunning planted en masse, and produce several blooms on each stalk. I've found them to need some staking, especially if not planted in full sun, as the stalks tend to lean and tip over when the heavy blooms open."

#10: Lily (Lilium 'African Queen')

@pardalinum says, "African Queen is a strain of trumpets that will vary a bit in color but generally are yellow on the inside and darker on the outside of the petals."

@Ispahan added, "A strain of dark yellow/orange/melon-colored trumpets. It has pretty flowers but is very tall, lanky and floppy. Faintly scented during the day, the perfume intensifies at night but is never really powerful. A pleasant lily, but not one of my favorites. I would take plain old Lilium regale any day over the commonly available colored trumpet strains."

#11: Lily (Lilium Triumphator)

@Ispahan says, "A lovely and charming LO lily that is perfect for cottage gardens. Fragrance is faint during the day but becomes intense and pervasive at night. Plants are robust and beefy and produce giant blooms 9-10 inches across. My first year stems are 5 feet tall with 5-9 buds each. I am happy to have it in my garden."

#12: Lily (Lilium regale)

@gwhizz says, "For me, lilium Regale brings back memories of my whole life and my family-at Christmas (in Australia). It was always there, as far back as I can remember. At our house, at relatives' houses, at our holiday shack, and even in hotels many years ago, there was a "grand entryway" with a big hall stand full of regale lilies. My Aunty Bev used to line the perimeter of her backyard, which was quite big, with regale lilies in big blue empty ink tubs, which her son brought home from the textile factory where he worked. I was most unpopular at a young age when I fed her budgies some lily buds, and now I can understand why. Recently I inherited my mother-in-law's plants, regale lilies included (and also a white cockatoo, but that's another story). I grow and sell lilies as an addictive and possessive hobby (if there is such a thing), but if I have potted Regale lilies to sell at the markets, fetes or church sales, I don't get them out of the back of the truck. I wait until some elderly person comes along and says: "Do you have the old, beautiful-smelling Christmas lily?'' "Well, yes. As a matter of fact, I do! Glad you asked!"

#13: Lily (Lilium 'Pink Perfection')

@pardalinum says, "The original seed parent for the Pink Perfection lily strain was lost in a Willamette Valley flood. The bulbs sold on the market today are far removed from the parent that produced the much admired pink and fine inflorescence that a buyer would expect when looking at the photographs (and even the descriptions) used by vendors today. Buyers are disappointed when they receive bulbs that bloom almost white or just a light pink mostly around the margins. It would be wonderful if a breeder could come up with a new parent that would produce a stable, reliable strain like the old 'Pink Perfection'."

#14: Lily (Lilium 'Landini')

@Newyorkrita says, "Landini is truly the deepest-colored lily bloom I have in my garden. In a certain light the color looks almost black.."

#15: Lily (Lilium 'Scheherazade')

@Ispahan says, "A very vigorous and elegant lily with a light, sweet fragrance. Color is deep red with golden yellow edges, and the blooms are large and downfacing. My first-year stems are 4 feet tall with 3-9 buds. This lily has been inducted into the North American Lily Society Hall of Fame because of its excellent garden qualities and hardiness."

#16: Lily (Lilium 'Red Dutch')

@SongofJoy says, "Bulb spacing for planting -- 6 inches apart.

Gorgeous and very fragrant, wide, waxy yellow flowers with a very large red center are quite dramatic and attractive. Flowers are very long lasting."

#17: Lily (Lilium henryi)

@Ispahan says, "This incredibly hardy and adaptable lily was described by Gertrude Jekyll as being "indestructible." My first year stems are 5 feet tall with 3-9 buds per stem and growing in one of the harshest and driest areas of my garden in this hot, droughty year. Color is a delightful medium orange with highlights of golden yellow, with abundant raised papillae and wonderful green nectaries. A perfect cottage garden lily!"

#18: Lily (Lilium 'Anastasia')

@Ispahan says, "The blooms on this lily are so huge and perfect that they look artificial. This vigorous OT hybrid produces downfacing flowers of white splashed liberally with shades of medium pink with spots and stunning green nectaries. Fragrance is somewhat faint during the day but at night becomes intense, delicious and spicy. My first year stems range between 3-5 feet tall with 1-7 buds per stem. The stems are very sturdy but the heavy weight of the giant flowers will cause them to lean. I think this aspect of its growth habit is charming."

#19: Lily (Lilium 'Silk Road')

@Newyorkrita says, "Silk Road is the tallest lily that grows in my garden. Strong stems, but they have so many flowers that the plants still need to be staked so that the stalk does not snap. You only need to get near these lilies to smell their lovely stong scent. The bulbs grow quite large, grapefruit size, on mature plants and multiply well.

Rita, located on the north shore of Nassau County Long Island, NY zone 6/7 where it is humid in the summer."

#20: Easter Lily (Lilium longiflorum)

@plantladylin says, "The Easter Lilies in my garden came as a single plant from a dear friend about 15 years ago. I enjoyed the potted plant until the flowers faded, then planted them in a shady area of the garden where they thrived and multiplied over the years. I've read that the flowers should be dead-headed as they fade and the yellowing foliage should be cut back, but I've never done either ... I just let nature take its course and they seem to do fine. I love to see the new sprouts and blooms each spring and although I've read that the flowers are fragrant, I've only noticed a very slight fragrance."

#21: Lily (Lilium 'Robina')

@BookerC1 says, "Very strong stem, needs no staking despite being a heavy bloomer and almost 6 feet tall. I am very impressed with this lily!"

@gwhizz added, "This is one of the biggest blooms I've seen. very tall, and I've got one here with a stem measuring across at almost 1 and 1/4 inches. Brilliant purple colour, and always catches the judge's eye at shows. Lasts a long time as a cut flower also"

#22: Lily (Lilium 'Satisfaction')

@Ispahan says, "A fluorescent watermelon-colored lily with a sweet, slightly fruity perfume. It does not handle heat or intense sunshine very well. Even in part shade, flowers are prone to fading and have been lasting only two days each in 90 degree F weather. This is a Dutch-bred OT that may be more useful for the cut flower trade than for general garden use."

#23: Lily (Lilium 'Lavon')

@pardalinum says, "This lily is registered as "Lavon" in the RHS Lily Register. "Touching" is considered a temporary name."

#24: Lily (Lilium 'Red Velvet')

@Ispahan says, "A charming, classic Asiatic lily hybrid that is in the North American Lily Society Hall of Fame. It forms a nice pyramid of waxy, resplendent, deep-red, downfacing flowers and lasts for several weeks. No fragrance."

#25: Lily (Lilium 'White Henryi')

@Ispahan says, "This has been a weak first-year grower for me, but it has such an amazing color that I have already ordered a few more bulbs for fall planting. The flowers are white with warm, smoldering golden-orange centers. The flowers glow and seem to be lit from within. This lily has proved to be rock-solid hardy for many gardeners, so I am sure it is just a matter of time before it settles in. Photos cannot convey how lovely this lily is in person."

The most thumbed-up image in the Lilies area is shown below:

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