How to Grow and Care for Crinums


Crinums are herbaceous plants with large bulbs that produce a neck or a pseudostem made up of the sheathing bases of the old leaves. The leaves are linear to sword-shaped, sheathing at the base, primarily arranged in a rosette and often dying back in winter. Usually, the previous season's leaves grow out again in spring with a few new leaves in the middle.

The blooms arise laterally on a long, solid main peduncle, the main inflorescense stalk, with flower stalks radiating from one central point and having one to many flowers. The flowers have short or long stalks that are spreading or held together in a trumpet shape. The stamens are either curved, ascending or angled downwards. The ovary appears as a swelling between the flower stalk and the tube. (PlantZAfrica)

Some popular Crinums photos:
Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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