Fruit Gardening Guide

Learn how to grow your favorite small and tree fruits

Click on the stories below to find out how to grow your favorite fruits.

ApplesApple Essentials
Planting Apple Trees
Choosing Apple Varieties
Apple Tree Care

ApricotsApricot Essentials
Growing Apricots in the North
Planting Apricots
Growing Apricots
Care for Apricots

BlackberriesBlackberry Essentials
Planting Blackberries
Blackberry Care & Harvesting
Growing Blackberries

CherriesCherry Essentials
Preventing Birds on Cherry Trees
Cherry Varieties
Cherry Care & Harvesting
Planting Cherries

CitrusGrowing Citrus
Planting Citrus
Care & Harvesting Citrus
Unusual Citrus

GrapesGrape Essentials
Buying Grapes
Planting Grapes
Care & Harvesting of Grapes
Grape Pruning: Three Systems

PeachesPeach Essentials
Planning for Peaches
Peach Care

PearsMeet the Asian Pears
Pear Essentials
Pear Varieties
Pear Care
Fireblight Disease on Pears
Codling Moth on Pears
Harvesting Pears

PlumsPlum Essentials
Plum Varieties
Planting and Pruning Plums
Plum Pests

RaspberriesRaspberry Essentials
Planting Raspberries
Raspberry Care and Pests
Harvesting Raspberries
Propagating Raspberries

StrawberriesStrawberry Essentials
Getting Ready for Strawberries
Buying Strawberry Plants
Planting Strawberries
Care and Harvest of Strawberries

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