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Image Rose (Rosa 'Roberta Bondar')
Ordered six years ago from Palatine Roses the first one grew well enough for a year or two. Then the high pH of the soil began to weaken the plant. Finally its roots were nibbled away. Replacement ordered; sulfur treatments being arranged to manage soil pH.
Image Rose (Rosa 'Rosa White Out')
Entering its third year it approaches two inches in height and six inches across. For its size it is remarkably productive of blossoms which open cream and fade to white. In a decade this may be a real brightspot in the garden. The fruit trees thrive, but this is the sole surviving rose in a purchase of four from a fruit tree company.
Image Rose (Rosa 'Rosanna')
Over five years it has grown to eight feet in height and a little more in width. The flowers are a lovely coral pink and they have a crisp Granny Smith apple (or eglantine rose) smell to them; but I've only just begun training the canes to horizontal, so flower production is still moderate, at best.
A young plant repotted from a gallon pot.  Late June bloom. Rose (Rosa 'Rose Rhapsody')
Received as a gallon from Heirloom Roses in May 2017. Planted in the ground after six inches of rain in July. 29 July 17. Replaced Desiree Parmentier. Of the own root HT roses I have grown this is among the more promising: it is alive at the start of its second season.
Image Rose (Rosa 'Roxy')
Its shiny small foliage is suggestive of its wichuriana heritage, as is its tolerance of a bit of shade and its intolerance of dry soil. The flowers define the color "rose" and are neat little things in the damascene form. Not sure if it's a viable choice for my AZ garden. Two have perished from drought and competition. The new plants are own root. Short and very subject to damage from rabbits.
Image Rose (Rosa 'Royal William')
Did great in its first year. Then it slowly declined. No disease problems, but it did suffer from freeze-thaw cycling more than any successful HT rose can do here. It did not get high culture and may have been nibbled by gophers or suffer from alkaline soil.(Palatine)
Image Rose (Rosa 'Sally Holmes')
When I grew it in New Jersey it quickly shot up to head height and could cover itself in single white flowers. Perhaps it experiences a little too much shade or root competition from grasses as it only just hangs on, here. Trying to improve its lot by more regular weeding this year...
Image Rose (Rosa 'Savannah')
Palatine. Late March 2018. In a spot just a little too near Mme Isaac Perreire. Must move it when we move Felicite Parmentier outside the fence this fall.
Image Rose (Rosa 'Scentimental')
Heirloom Roses. Spring, 2018.
San Jose Heritage Rose Garden Rose (Rosa 'Secret')
Planted two in spring 2017, growing slowly. (Edmunds) Both perished from being overshaded.
In its Third Growing Season - Selfridges (Berolina) in Mid-Mornin Rose (Rosa 'Selfridges')
There are moments when I consider this to be my favorite hybrid tea rose. It's one of very few that grows vigorously and tolerates the freeze-thaw cycling we experience here in the mountains of AZ. The flowers are a lovely soft yellow that doesn't fade too much. They are high centered and they reflex nicely as they open. Not exhibition form, perhaps but quite lovely. (Palatine)
Image Rose (Rosa 'Sexy Rexy')
I once saw a specimen of Sexy Rexy four feet tall and so densely covered in bloom that the foliage was obscured. Mine approach 24 inches in height after four years of cultivation, and have yet to blossom. This year they are getting more water. It's mid March and already they seem happier.
Image Rose (Rosa 'Sheila's Perfume')
Two inhabit the garden, each nine inches tall. One bloomed, once. In terms of vigor (on its own roots) it is in the same league as Judy Garland. But it is equally persistant. Possibly if given generous quantities of perfect soil, moisture, and sunlight it would be a stunning rose. Unlikely conditions in my garden.
Image Rose (Rosa 'Showbiz')
Shiny, healthy dark green foliage. Lots of pure red flowers. This is definitely a rose one plants to make a splash of color. It's not particularly photogenic, but it's incredibly useful in the garden.
photo credit: Teresa Grau Ros Rose (Rosa 'Silver Jubilee')
From RVR July 2017. Planted in maple bed.
Soleil D'or - Hybrid Foetida Rose 001 Rose (Rosa 'Soleil d'Or')
It makes long whiplike canes and flowers whose color varies from warm pink through orange to yellowish. It might be good for pegging or for training on a wire form. It's highly rated, but after five years I'm still waiting to be wowed. Died after being moved 2017
Photo courtesy Antique Rose Emporium. Used with permission. Rose (Rosa 'Sombreuil')
I grew this in NJ and it did very well until it got the tiniest whiff of Roundup, whereafter it sulked for years before being shovel pruned. Ditto Dortmund. In any case, the flowers have some of the prettiest scent to be found among roses, and the plant is infinitely prettier and more durable than the run-of-the-mill HT rose. I cannot imagine gardening without this plant. (Antique Rose Emporium)
Photo courtesy Antique Rose Emporium. Used with permission. Rose (Rosa 'Soncy')
Planted in a pit furnished with good soil in anticipation of a tree which probably failed a decade back, Soncy is planted near the driveway where it will be ravaged by furry creatures if I do not intervene effectively. Spring 2017. (ARE) NEVER LEAFED OUT.
In Its Sixth Season - South Africa Glows in Mornning Sunlight Rose (Rosa 'South Africa')
When it is in bloom, I will almost always tell you that this is my favorite rose of all. I love the color. I am fond of the foliage, too. The plant is pretty tough, tolerating moderate amounts of drought, shade, and freeze-thaw cycling. It's vigorous and disease-resistant, too. One of three of mine collapsed, and I suspect it got too much sun and not enough water one hot summer, but it has been transplanted to denser soil and so far it seems happy there. (Palatine)
Image Rose (Rosa 'Souvenir de Brod')
Over three years it has reached head-height. It has lovely, large foliage that looks very healthy. It has a bit of an open habit, but it does look very graceful. The flowers open deep mauve and darken as they age and dry out. Hard to imagine this as playing anything but a supporting role, but it does this well. (Why is it not registered under the one name given by its breeder, and the only name for which it was know for its first century of life?)

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