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Thumb Plant Status Notes Events
Courtesy Crownsville Nursery Yarrow (Achillea millefolium 'Salmon Beauty')
2016 Fall went to the boneyard. A little invasive. Pretty, but not for me. April 1, 2012: Obtained plant
April 17, 2017: Plant Ended (Removed, Died, Discarded, etc) (Fall 2016, 86'd em!! Very pretty but invasive in my small gardens, and tiny seeds wind up sprouting in random areas bc it's nearly impossible to contain them when dead-heading. Just not for me.
Image Ornamental Onion (Allium schubertii)
(Absolute must-have)
Image Silvermound Artemisia (Artemisia schmidtiana 'Silver Mound')
New 2017
Diamond Grass Diamond Grass (Calamagrostis brachyathera)
(2) Specimens: 1 in split of pathway & 1 at end of pathway on NW corner of the kennel.
2017 Not filling out. May hit the boneyard..
April 1, 2015: Maintenance performed (Moved to split in path. Second specimen located at the end of the pathway. NE corner of the kennel.)
April 17, 2017: Obtained plant (Obtained from Springhill Nurseries)
June 4, 2017: Miscellaneous Event (Both specimens not filling out at all. May be headed for the boneyard!)
Image Canna (Canna x generalis 'President')
Image Sedge (Carex oshimensis 'Evergold')
2016 New three specimens.
2018 I killed them by accident! D'Oh! Boneyard bound!
April 1, 2016: Obtained plant ((3) Specimens obtained from Lowe's and planted in NE tree garden.)
April 1, 2017: Maintenance performed (Cut old growth back.)
Image Northern Sea Oats (Chasmanthium latifolium)
(2) Specimens. 1 in NE garage garden & 1 in NE tree garden April 1, 2012: Obtained plant
March 15, 2017: Plant emerged
April 17, 2017: Miscellaneous Event (5 Divisions planted in NE tree garden in 2014.)
April 17, 2017: Miscellaneous Event (Three divisions didn't survive the 2015 Winter. Fall of 2016: Moved one of the two remaining divisions to the NE garage garden. The other surviving division was moved to a different location in the NE tree garden.)
Image Clematis 'Nelly Moser'
2015 One new specimen. No blooms.

2016...just couldn't survive the drought (or so I thought!).

9.2016....rose from the dead like a phoenix! Moved to northeast corner of garage. Struggled a bit, and grew, but no blooms this year. some nice sprouting going on. Read that Nelly takes a few years to grow to full size. Gotta be patient.

5.2017 not very tall yet, but FFO!! Yay!
Image Clematis 'Niobe'
2016 - Three new specimens. All three bloomed and rebloomed!

4.2017...nice sprouting on all three specimens!
June 4, 2017: Bloomed (Blooming profusely!! Just a stunning Clematis!)
Image Bleeding Heart (Dicentra 'King of Hearts')
Trade as plant
Trade as root
2013 - New
Image Coneflower (Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit')
Trade as seed
Sell as seed
2015 - New. Gave it loads of TLC, and it was looking pretty pathetic by Fall, and there were no blooms this year.
2016 - Thrived and bloomed profusely!
2017 - Moved it to it's permanent location, and it bloomed profusely once again!
April 18, 2017: Plant emerged
Purple Coneflower Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)
Image Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea PowWow® Wild Berry)
2015 - New
2016 - Thrived and bloomed profusely!
2017 Never emerged!
June 4, 2017: Miscellaneous Event (Started to sprout, but I think it was a critter snack!)
April 10, 2018: Miscellaneous Event (Never came back. Got seeds from the trade last November. Winter sowed them directly in the ground. Hopefully, they'll sprout and grow! Never Winter sowed seed before, whether in jugs or the ground. Winter is overstaying it's welcome, this year. Avg. Spring temps have been 10 to 15 degrees below normal for the last 45 days, and this is the 6th Spring like this, in the last 100 years. The most recent was 1995.)
Image Blue Fescue (Festuca trachyphylla)
June 4, 2017: Maintenance performed (2017 Dug up 2 specimens a few days ago, divided into four specimens and waiting to be transplanted to new homes! Fall 2017, just couldn't find the time to plant all four. Lost three, but planted one in the front by the driveway. Perfect location....very happy!!)
With ageing the flower becomes more reddish Hellebore (Helleborus Frostkiss™ Ruby Glow)
(Love to have)
Image Hellebore (Helleborus Gold Collection® Platinum Rose)
(Absolute must-have)
Lenten Rose (Helleborus Wedding Party™ Confetti Cake)
(Absolute must-have)
Image Double Hellebore (Helleborus Winter Jewels™ Peppermint Ice)
(Absolute must-have)
Image Hellebore (Helleborus orientalis Spring Promise® Lily)
(Absolute must-have)
Image Hellebore (Helleborus orientalis 'Wilgenbroek Yellow')
(Absolute must-have)

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