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Abronia fragrans
Other names: sand verbena
Plant DB#: 79632
Abutilon vitifolium
Now in gen. Corynabutilon
froze out in 3rd Seattle winter; white flwrs
Plant DB#: 86964
Image Acinos alpinus
Other names: Calamintha alpina
Loc: MCG-own
Plant DB#: 124616
Image Aconitum episcopale
Fall-blooming vine
Loc: MCG-comm
Plant DB#: 161839
Adlumia fungosa
Other names: allegheny vine
This was a most mysterious volunteer
Has tiny Dicentra-like flowers
Plant DB#: 87628
Agapanthus praecox 'Headbourne Blue'
Loc: MCG-own
From seed, some color variation
Plant DB#: 214040
Agastache aurantiaca
Loc: 8514
Plant DB#: 8713
Agastache foeniculum
Other names: A. rugosa (AFAICT)
Has distictive sassafras-like odor, not at all minty as
is commonly stated.
Loc: MCG-herb, 8514
Plant DB#: 75150
Agrimonia eupatoria
Other names: agrimony
Some E. Wash. residents consider this plant a curse
Plant DB#: 87147
Image Alcea taurica
Other names: A. rugosa; it seems rather different things are labeled with these names.
My 1st-year plants are tall (8 ft or more); they do not appear to be much more rust resistant than common hollyhocks, as commonly claimed. Perennial, becoming multi-stemmed and much shorter.
Plant DB#: 75188
Allium caeruleum
Other names: A. azureum
Loc: 8514
Highly invasive (see A. sphaerocephalon remarks)
Has never been a satisfactory performer
Plant DB#: 75194
Allium hookeri var muliense
Loc: Prev
Plant DB#: 588717
Yellow-flowered, claimed to be perennial, but mine do not
last long. Emerges very late in spring.
Image Allium lusitanicum 'Summer Beauty'
Other names: widely sold under the rubric A. tanguticum; referred to A. senescens ssp. montana by others; very similar to A. nutans 'Millenium'
Loc: MCG-own
Outstanding cut flower - long lasting - bees love it - never sets seed
Plant DB#: 164678
Allium nigrum
Location: 8514
Other Names: A. multibulbosum
Comments: scentless; tall; invasive
Plant DB#: 132314
Allium schoenoprasum
Other names: chives
Loc: MCG-herb, 8514
Much affected by rust here
Plant DB#: 75204
Allium sphaerocephalon
Loc: 8514
One of those alliums that create a near-infinity of little bulbils wherever it grows. Should come with a warning.
Plant DB#: 87526
Allium tuberosum
Other names: garlic chives
Loc: MCG-own, MCG-herb
Self-sows to an annoying extent
Plant DB#: 75210
Image Allium unifolium
Other names: A. grandisceptrum
Loc: 8514
Plant DB#: 79814
Image Amethystia caerulea 'Turquoise'
Loc: MCG-own
fast maturing annual, reseeds readily
Plant DB#: 112111
Amsonia hubrichtii
Loc: MCG-comm
Plant DB#: 75241

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