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Thumb Plant Status Notes Events
'Baja Red' coral vine
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Original started from seeds from a California trader in Fall 2016. I transplanted Spring 2019 to where pink one grew well on the white fence. I also have the pink variety started from seeds on the east fence since 2018 April 14, 2019: Plant emerged (At top of white 5' fence . Also found 3 starter plants under lorepetalums
April 15, 2019: Transplanted (3 year old plant to climb white fence)
March 20, 2020: Plant emerged (New growth is at top of fence)
August 25, 2020: Bloomed (1st buds at end of full fence length)
February 15, 2021: Winterized (Hard freeze to 20s so had to cut vine across whole fence back to 3')
March 30, 2021: Plant emerged (About 5 sprouts. NOTE by May 1 to top of white fence)
June 7, 2021: Bloomed (Tiny buds showing pink. NOTE Sept. 10 in full bloom & now at 5 years old as lush & vigorous as reg pink was on the fence)
'Burgundy Surprise' ( I named & started from seeds)
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Day lilies
I started from seeds I collected at Fernwood Subd. sign in 2011. Simple but pretty burgundy blend with yellow throat & underside of petal & sepals that shows on some slight twisting. April 30, 2019: Bloomed (1st of 2019)
April 18, 2020: Bloomed (1st of 2020)
May 10, 2021: Bloomed (A big 30"x 24" clump this year)
July 20, 2021: Bloomed (Reblooming this year 1st time)
Image 'Butter Beauty' a special beauty I named about 1996
Day lilies
Butter yellow, large 6" on 18" stalk, stocky buds, pie crust ruffled edge with ridges on petals & 2 petals recurve, with a pale green throat. Usually blooms in May. 6-2-21 ID (*probably Siloam Floy Dodgen* 1989) Unmarked in Mr. Suire's 1 acre field south of Sulphur La. about 1996. April 11, 2019: Bloomed (1st of 2019. Early & bloomed 5 weeks)
July 1, 2019: Bloomed (Rebloom July 1)
March 26, 2020: Bloomed (1st of 2020. Early, gorgeous & large)
April 15, 2021: Bloomed
July 1, 2021: Bloomed (Sending out some flowers must be rebloomer)
'Chili Lily' Day lily I named & started from seeds
Day lilies
I started from seeds I collected about 1996 at 'Hodges Gardens' in central Louisiana. It's always the 1st to bloom each Spring, usually in March but April 12, 2019. I named it because of the "Chili" red color with golden throat & pinstripe on each petal. It has 4" flowers on 20" stems. April 12, 2019: Bloomed (1st of 2019 late this year & finished July 1)
March 31, 2020: Bloomed (Not 1st to bloom in 2020. 4 others beat it.)
April 24, 2021: Bloomed (3 buds finally opened)
May 13, 2021: Maintenance performed (dug to change edging & potted for now)
'Copper Beauty' my name because of color
Day lilies
From Ducote's closing nursery in unlabeled pot March 2012. It's more dull copper than the russet burgundy like Russet Beauty. I got pics together because they bloom about same time (May) April 22, 2019: Bloomed (1st of 2019 to June 1then 1st time it rebloomed in August.)
April 9, 2020: Bloomed (1st of 2020)
May 13, 2021: Bloomed
'Jersey Rose' trailing
Sell as plant
African Violets
I have starter plants for $1.50 each + $7 postage whether 1 to 5 of any african violet I offer.
(First 2 from Shirley Swenson 4-30-20)
April 30, 2020: Obtained plant (Two same size starter plants)
May 15, 2020: Obtained plant (Potted in wicking red 2 oz. pots)
July 10, 2020: Bloomed (Both starter plants have buds or flowers, tiny but med. pink.)
August 20, 2020: Potted up (Divided another leaf pot for 5 more starter plants. I now have over a dozen.)
'Russet Beauty' I named from seeds from Fernwood Subdv.
Day lilies
Rust burgundy on 3 petals & lighter on sepals. Petals have a dark halo & gold pinstripe & throat. Surprise, 2019 it rebloomed in August. May 7, 2019: Bloomed (1st of 2019. Took picture comparing it to 'Copper Beauty'.)
April 22, 2020: Bloomed (1st of 2020)
May 13, 2021: Bloomed (Bloomed same day as Copper Beauty )
'Tropical Red' Canna with dark leaves
Planted from Park's seeds Spring 2018. Dwarf variety with maroon leaves they describe as bronze & true blue red flowers April 27, 2019: Bloomed (1st bloom from seeds from Park's & planted Spring 2018. Flower is a true blue red with wine colored leaves Park's calls bronze.)
March 1, 2020: Plant emerged (New leaves after I trimmed old stuff 2 weeks ago.)
May 1, 2020: Bloomed (24" plant in 3 gal. pot )
February 25, 2021: Maintenance performed (cut back to soil in pot)
March 15, 2021: Plant emerged (Sprout out since 2-15=21 freeze)
March 20, 2021: Transplanted (Under bathroom window between 2 kinds of callas to separate them)
June 10, 2021: Bloomed (1st flowers of 2021 on 18"x 18" plant)
'Wine Beauty' I named from Fernwood seeds
Day lilies
Not big 4" but a pretty wine color with a deep yellow throat & chalice shaped. I've had it a few years so it may have come from the seeds I got in Fernwood. I'll try to ID it by the size, color, bloom time &shape which is different. May 6, 2019: Bloomed
April 20, 2020: Bloomed (1st of 2020)
May 9, 2021: Bloomed
July 12, 2021: Miscellaneous Event (Found proliferations just starting so will collect when roots develop on stem plsnts)
AE Strelets (Sagittarius Elite) AVSA #10070
African Violets
Luida/mishkab sent a leaf pot with 2 or 3. May 30, 2020: Obtained plant (Several tiny plants)
June 6, 2020: Potted up (Divided & got 4 baby plants in their own pot.)
June 30, 2020: Potted up (2 were ready for 2" pots)
August 20, 2020: Bloomed (1st flower on starter plant. Small but deep red with speckles.)
April 15, 2021: Bloomed
Amaryllis 'Art's Coral'
1st bloom from bulbs he started from seeds about 2017. More coral than red with green star center. April 1, 2020: Bloomed (1st 2 of 2020)
Angel wing I named 'Mauricio'
This 3" spotted a.w. with 3 leaves was sent rooted with 1st 'Looking Glass'. He doesn't know name or flower color. NOTE - Pretty leaves are colorful with large spots have red back & whole new leaf is a vivid red orange. June 20, 2020: Obtained plant (Starter plant in 2" pot)
July 10, 2020: Potted up (Making a new leaf so planted in the 3" deep 2" pot.)
September 1, 2020: Bloomed (Coral pink color)
Angel Wing I named 'Orlando'
Mauricio sent a 3" cutting with 1 leaf to root with the 2 'Looking Glass' cuttings. He said it makes light pink flowers. I'll call it Orlando where it came from for now. It's shiny with tiny spots in rows & has a red back. July 13, 2020: Cuttings stuck (Put in water to root)
July 25, 2020: Cuttings took (Rooted so potted up)
August 15, 2020: Miscellaneous Event (1st new leaf is unfurling. Red like other new begonia leaves. 8-22 fully open & only 1.50 inches long. So cute & perfect next to old 1/2 leaf I trimmed of damage on arrival.)
March 22, 2021: Potted up (7" & needs space so put in pint pot I took Looking Glass from.)
Angie's gift hydrangea
Pretty peach & cream head 3 stems for Mother's Day so when faded I clipped flower head & dipped 8" stems in hormone & put in sandy soil to see if they root. May 15, 2021: Cuttings stuck (Planted & set pot in a large plastic bag at inner corner of porch)
July 4, 2021: Plant emerged (1 stem is still green & has tiny sprouts at soil level. It's grown since beginning in damp soil in the front alcove where it gets good light & a smidge of late evening sun which is there only at this time of year.)
October 16, 2021: Transplanted (Nice sprig of two 1" chartreuse green leaves so put in fresh soil in a pint size aqua pot on back patio for a while.)
Balsam 'Coral/Orange'
2021 Flowers
Older seeds 2018 from Pinkiris February 23, 2021: Seeds sown
February 28, 2021: Plant emerged (Only 1 so far)
March 15, 2021: Potted up (Moved to 6 pks in 1 or 2 per square)
March 20, 2021: Transplanted (In soil on this cool weekend near Bird of Paradise)
April 20, 2021: Bloomed (Ended up with only 2)
May 9, 2021: Miscellaneous Event (All starting to form seed pods)
Balsam 'Lite Pink'
2021 Flowers
Older seeds 2018 from Pinkiris February 23, 2021: Seeds sown
February 28, 2021: Plant emerged
March 15, 2021: Potted up ( 2" plants to 6 pks as 1 or 2 per square.)
March 20, 2021: Transplanted (Separate by color but together by Bird of Paradise)
April 20, 2021: Bloomed (About 8 the softest baby pink I really like. Looks great with purple)
May 11, 2021: Miscellaneous Event (Started collecting seeds from all before they pop on their own)
Balsam 'Purple'
2021 Flowers
Older seeds 2018 from Pinkiris February 23, 2021: Seeds sown
March 1, 2021: Plant emerged (Just a couple so far)
March 15, 2021: Potted up (Moved to 6 pk. with 1 or 2 per square)
April 20, 2021: Bloomed (About 10)
Balsam 'White'
2021 Flowers
Older seeds & only a few so in only 3 pods of a 6 pk. From LadyReneer February 23, 2021: Seeds sown
February 28, 2021: Plant emerged
March 15, 2021: Potted up (Moved 2" sprouts to 6 pk. with 1 or 2 per aquare)
March 20, 2021: Transplanted (Out in bed by Bird of Paradise)
April 20, 2021: Bloomed (Only 2 are true white. Special & must get seeds)
Barbara Jane Trail
African Violets
A standard trailer I got in an auction $6 + $3 postage from Wanda @ Trim'sTreasures on Ebay November 21, 2019: Obtained plant (Arrived in good shape.)
January 28, 2020: Bloomed (2 cute pale pink blooms opened)
February 1, 2020: Plant emerged (Sprouts on the 1st trimmed leaves.)
March 16, 2021: Potted up (Nice plant so put in a wick'd larger pot)
April 10, 2021: Miscellaneous Event (Knat spots on a dozen leaves I removed so put granules in soil.)
May 5, 2021: Bloomed (Cute pink flowers)
Bashou Trail
Trade as plant
Sell as plant
African Violets
A standard trailer I got in an auction $6 + $3 postage @ Trim's Treasures on Ebay (Wanda) November 21, 2019: Obtained plant (Arrived in good shape)
January 12, 2020: Bloomed (1st of 2 tiny buds opened light purple)
February 1, 2020: Plant emerged (Sprouts on 1st trimmed leaves)
July 10, 2020: Bloomed (Both I kept are nice size with several flowers. A KEEPER. )

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