Your All Things Plants newsletter for August 22, 2011

Some numbers from last week:
News from dave:
Introducing acorns! ATP members have been having a blast this week giving acorns to each other. If you don't know about acorns yet, you must read this thread where I introduced the feature and get caught up!

News from vic:
The contest to find a new home for Buttercup is over and you can see the entries here:

The winner will be announced Monday, August 22, 2011. Nancy, aka NAP is our judge for this contest. Becky will be announcing another contest soon! Stay tuned......

There were 4 new articles published last week:

Image Vermicomposting: Easy and efficient composting with worms
By Dave Whitinger on August 22, 2011

Whether you live on a self-sufficient homestead or an apartment in the city, you should consider keeping a bin of worms to turn your kitchen scraps into the best compost available. Here's how to get started.

Image Team label, or not?
By Trish Whitinger on August 21, 2011

Today's "Team" article addresses plant labels. We've seen gardens full of labels, and gardens with not one in sight. Which team do you fall into?

Image Garden Art Creations: Polymer clay in the garden
By Becky Moder on August 19, 2011

Polymer clay has been a popular craft for some time, but artisans are taking it out of the house and into the garden for a little added whimsy. Garden stakes, fairy doors, mobiles and other fun objects are being created out of clay, bringing color and personalization to the outdoors. Meet three ins...

Image Tutorial ~ How to make a hollow concrete sphere
By Debra Corrington on August 17, 2011

Concrete statuary in some of the gardens I've visited has always captivated me. Unfortunately most statuary I've priced are quite expensive and with my tight budget the chances were slim that any of these creations would ever find themselves in my gardens. However, several years ago I was intrigued ...

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