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Article for All about Schlumbergera
By C. Tee Menser on October 10, 2011

Winter blooms can be especially enchanting and are very much appreciated by most gardeners. The genus Schlumbergera provides us with beautiful blooms during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and beyond. Let's take a closer look at these plants and learn how to successfully cultivate their be... (2 comments)

Article for Team Fresh Flowers Inside, or Team Flowers Outside
By Trish Whitinger on October 9, 2011

One thing that flower gardeners have is a lot of is flowers. The question is: Do you bring them inside? (21 comments)

Article for Garden Tours: Indygardengal, Veronica Bowling
By Sharon Brown on October 8, 2011

Welcome to All Things Plants: Garden Tours. Each week we'll take you on a tour of the lovely gardens of one of our members. Join us now as we travel to Indiana where Veronica will take us through the gardens she has created. You are going to love what you see! (Be sure to click each image for an enl... (11 comments)

Article for All about Pumpkins
By Chris Rentmeister on October 7, 2011

From the legend of the Jack O'Lantern and "chucking", to growing, health benefits and pumpkin trivia, let's find out more about this amazing fruit. (25 comments)

Article for All about Garlic
By Christine Gaither on October 5, 2011

Garlic is one of my favorite flavorings to use in the kitchen and one of the easiest of all the herbs to grow in the garden. If you absolutely love the smell and flavor of fresh garlic, or have ever considered growing your own garlic, this fall would be a really good time to plant some cloves. ... (19 comments)

Daily Gardening Tips from this week:

Gardening tip for October 10, 2011 October 10, 2011:
If you are like me you get a rash from working with junipers. They prick your skin & it's not always possible to wear long sleeves heavy enough to protect your skin. Wash your arms well with soap & dry them. Then hold them over the sink & literally drench them with Witch Hazel. Let it dry naturally. You may have to repeat the Witch Hazel again in an hour or so but I find that after doing this I do not suffer with the rash for days on end.

Tip and photo by flaflwrgrl - (6 comments)

Gardening tip for October 9, 2011 October 9, 2011:
Out of rooting hormone? Open your kitchen cabinet and grab some cinnamon. Plant stems dipped into it will kill fungus and bacteria to help keep those new cuttings free of disease while rooting.

Tip by Horseshoe
Photo by gingin - (21 comments)

Gardening tip for October 8, 2011 October 8, 2011:
Go paperless in your office, then use your shreddings as mulch in your garden.

Tip and photo by bob - (23 comments)

Gardening tip for October 7, 2011 October 7, 2011:
Don't rake the leaves from your flower beds in the fall. Leave them until spring. They will help insulate your plants and decompose to enrich your soil.

Tip by postmandug
Photo by gingin - (8 comments)

Gardening tip for October 6, 2011 October 6, 2011:
Before a killing frost, harvest several carrots, beets, and turnips. Remove any unsightly leaves. Cut each vegetable crosswise, so that about two inches remains below the leaves. Arrange in a dish containing a layer of pebbles or a pebble/sand mix. Add a piece of charcoal. Fill dish half full of water. Place in a bright window and keep water level constant. You now have an interesting foliar display that is sure to draw comments.

Tip and photo by LarryR - (12 comments)

Gardening tip for October 5, 2011 October 5, 2011:
Fall is a great time to divide your plants! Dividing perennials is an easy way to increase your plants, and it also keeps many perennials healthy and prevents them from outgrowing their space.

Tip by goldfinch4
Photo by gardengus - (9 comments)

Gardening tip for October 4, 2011 October 4, 2011:
Know how big that gallon plant will be before you place it.

Tip and photo by Bubbles - (36 comments)