Your All Things Plants newsletter for January 9, 2012

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Article for Which Team: Team Order Now, or Team NOT Yet
By Trish Whitinger on January 8, 2012

Catalogs are beginning to show up in our mailboxes. Have you started your spring ordering yet? (19 comments)

Article for Honey Bees in the garden; The Winter Cluster
By Margaret Tucker on January 6, 2012

At the end of summer honey bees begin getting ready for winter survival. The drones are killed, either by stinging or they are herded out to perish in the cold, cruel world. Brood production stops once enough winter bees have been hatched to get the colony through winter, and honey stores are built... (10 comments)

Article for A how-to guide for propagating bromeliads
By C. Tee Menser on January 3, 2012

When it comes to separating a bromeliad offset, often called a pup, from the mother plant, many people develop a case of "separation anxiety". I know I did. While it isn't terribly difficult to do, there are some basic guidelines to follow in order to achieve success. (52 comments)

Daily Gardening Tips from this week:

Gardening tip for January 9, 2012 January 9, 2012:
A used dryer sheet in the bottom of a pot will help keep the soil from falling out of the drainage holes.

Tip and photo by Shelly - (12 comments)

Gardening tip for January 8, 2012 January 8, 2012:
I don't like to see grass or weeds growing in the cracks of my sidewalk and I don't use chemicals in my yard. I found this weeding tool at Walmart for less than $4.00 and it pulls them out by their roots and if you use it after a rainfall it is even easier to get them out.

Tip and photo by stetchworth - (7 comments)

Gardening tip for January 7, 2012 January 7, 2012:
Paper wasps need water. To keep them from bugging you too much, have 2 bird baths available with water. One should be low on the ground & yucky looking, the other can be in the traditional bird bath. Paper wasps seem to prefer yucky water to clean water.

Tip by Skiekitty
Photo by gingin - (15 comments)

Gardening tip for January 6, 2012 January 6, 2012:
Cut a large heavy duty green trash/garbage bag into strips while still folded to use as inexpensive garden ties, open the strips and cut to desired length.

Tip and photo by mcash70 - (4 comments)

Gardening tip for January 5, 2012 January 5, 2012:
No need to purchase expensive seed-starting systems. Use plastic cleaner bags, tied at one end and vented on the other end (or, just pinch a couple holes on top), to create mini-greenhouses to germinate your seedlings! Your cut-up vinyl mini-blind plant labels will tent the plastic!

Tip and photo by Gymgirl - (10 comments)

Gardening tip for January 4, 2012 January 4, 2012:
Help grow our plant database: When I go to a public garden, I take a shot of the plant tag before I shoot the plant. That way I have all the info ready, especially for the ATP plant database.

Tip and photo by violabird - (13 comments)

Gardening tip for January 3, 2012 January 3, 2012:
For dispersing very small seeds add sand and put into an empty spice shaker. The sand will help you to plant more evenly and see where the seeds have been planted.

Tip and photo by gardengus - (8 comments)