Your All Things Plants newsletter for August 13, 2012

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Photo of Tuberous Begonia (Begonia x tuberhybrida Pin-Up) by bonitin:
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Photo of Water Chestnut (Pachira aquatica) by Dutchlady1:
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Photo of Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Turquoise Temple') by shive1:
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Photo of Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Spirited Style') by Calif_Sue:
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Photo of Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Southern Dazzle') by tink3472:
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Interview with Margaret Roach of

By dave
August 13, 2012
Interview with Margaret Roach of

A gardener, author, blogger and much more, Margaret Roach is highly popular with everyone who learns about her. Come listen to our audio interview and find out why! (294 words - Read the full article)


Garden Tour: blue23rose

By blue23rose
August 12, 2012
Garden Tour: blue23rose

We are traveling to Southwest Indiana to take a look at the lovely gardens of blue23rose. You are going to really enjoy this Garden Tour. (1,334 words - Read the full article)


Outsmart the squash bugs

By Horseshoe
August 11, 2012
Outsmart the squash bugs

Have squash? Have bugs? Have squash bugs? (One of the hardest pests to get rid of) Try watering squash plants from top to bottom with your hose wand. This makes the adults want to come to the top of the plant to dry off in the sun. Once they are out in the open come back in a few minutes and spray with a mix of soap spray and rubbing alcohol. It’ll sure get most of them!


Cleaning root vegetables

By wildflowers
August 10, 2012
Cleaning root vegetables

A pair of exfoliating bath and shower gloves work very well for cleaning garden fresh root vegetables.


Saving Tomato Seeds

By RossWindows
August 9, 2012
Saving Tomato Seeds

Saving tomato seeds is a perfect way to have great tasting tomatoes from year to year. This technique is basically fermentation and being a home-brewer, I just had to try it. (429 words - Read the full article)


Legends, old cedar trees and children

By Sharon
August 8, 2012
Legends, old cedar trees and children

Let's talk a little about legends, lore and Nature. On good weather Sundays, late in the afternoon, you can find me wandering in the Land Between the Lakes here in western Kentucky. I have a friend who always goes with me; last week when she called she said, "Let's go visit the Cedar Tree." (1,384 words - Read the full article)


Recycle delivery trays

By RobertB
August 7, 2012
Recycle delivery trays

Save the delivery trays from those restaurants that deliver; they come in mighty handy for various usages. I store everything from marbles to nails in them and they make a great seed tray!