Your All Things Plants weekly news: March 9, 2013

News from dave:
Hens and Chicks (Sempervivum Nightwood)
Photo by webesemps:
It's Sempervivum Week at All Things Plants!

All this week is Sempervivum Week, and that means everything is Semp themed! All the articles and ideas this week will be about these amazing little plants.

We have a HUGE "not a raffle raffle" coming on Monday, which will feature prizes for 9 winners! Hundreds of dollars worth of prizes have been donated by various companies, and will be given away to the lucky winners of this raffle.

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Mid week our podcast will feature multiple interviews with personalities in the Sempervivum world.

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There were 8 new gardening ideas posted last week:

Sempervivum 101

By valleylynn
March 9, 2013
Sempervivum 101

Sempervivums are plants that originate on the European continent. Found at high altitudes known as alpine zones, they thrive in this harsh and rugged terrain. Sempervivums are becoming increasingly popular in the United States as gardeners fall in love with the textures and colors of these amazing little plants. (1,079 words - Read the full article)


Growing Sempervivum in Containers

By goldfinch4
March 9, 2013
Growing Sempervivum in Containers

An easy and inexpensive way to get started with sempervivums is to grow them in containers. But that's not the only reason to plant them in containers. (1,085 words - Read the full article)


Glossary Tip - Cotyledon

By wildflowers
March 8, 2013
Glossary Tip - Cotyledon

When the seed of a plant germinates, that first leaf or set of leaves to unfold is called a cotyledon. Cotyledons are developed by the embryo of the seed and are sometimes called seed-leaves. They contain stored food reserves from the seed, used to keep the seedling fed until the next set of leaves, considered the "true leaves," appears. Once the second set of true leaves sprouts, the plant will begin photosynthesis. The cotyledons will wither and disappear soon after the true leaves start to grow. (99 words - Read the full article)

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A Rant Worth Reading

By LarryR
March 7, 2013
A Rant Worth Reading

Sometimes we gardeners succumb to conventional wisdom, only to discover that it may be conventional, but it's not wise. (263 words - Read the full article)


ATP Podcast #8: Perennial Vegetables

By dave
March 6, 2013
ATP Podcast #8: Perennial Vegetables

This week Dave and Trish give their usual reports: Dave's favorite idea, Trish's report from around the forums and some stories about our gardening adventures this week. Our main feature is a discussion about perennial vegetables you can grow.


Finding Pots in Odd Places

By ShadyGreenThumb
March 5, 2013
Finding Pots in Odd Places

Look past the plant departments for your plant containers. Find the best pots at the hardware store! (145 words - Read the full article)


Cooking Spray Cleans Tools

By Skiekitty
March 4, 2013
Cooking Spray Cleans Tools

Rust will come off your tools with an application of cooking spray such as Pam. Spray it on, wait a few minutes, wipe it off. You may have to do this a couple of times to achieve the desired results.


Apples and Bulbs Don't Mix

By jeri11
March 3, 2013
Apples and Bulbs Don't Mix

Don't put bulbs in the refrigerator with apples. The apples produce ethylene gas, which will cause the bulb to abort its flower.


The most popular images last week from our plant database:

Photo of Hen and Chicks (Sempervivum 'Jungle Fires') by valleylynn:
Image from plant ID 74571

Photo of Iris (Iris ensata 'Frilled Enchantment') by lorettalea:
Image from plant ID 148378

Photo of Hen and Chicks (Sempervivum 'Jade Rose') by serse:
Image from plant ID 74539

Photo of Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Westbourne Good Old Days') by Avedon:
Image from plant ID 70490

Photo of (Anemone hepatica var. transylvanica) by fixpix:
Image from plant ID 497736

Photo of (Brunsvigia marginata) by eclayne:
Image from plant ID 241934

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Some new recommendations from our members:
4susiesjoy recommended Dyna-Gro and wrote:

I was originally given these products as a gift, but they have become a mainstay of my indoor gardening. The KLN product they sell has worked far better for me than any other rooting product I've tried and it stays viable longer than the rooting hormone powder. I use the Bloom plant food for my flowering houseplants and the Grow food for my seedlings. It's liquid so it's easy to dispense. I've tried a lot of different plant nutrition products and this is my favorite.

Ladylovingdove recommended Water Mill Gardens and wrote:

Awesome daylily growers. They send HUGE plants and are so lovely to do business with. Here is a sample of this year's plants from them.


Thumb of 2013-03-07/Ladylovingdove/939b35

Thumb of 2013-03-07/Ladylovingdove/084e34

clintbrown recommended Prairie Moon Nursery and wrote:

Prairie Moon Nursery is a great source of native plants. Their Echinacea paradoxa bloomed the first year for me. They were shipped dormant, but they were excellent quality and grew quickly.

clintbrown recommended Swallowtail Garden Seeds and wrote:

Swallowtail Garden Seeds is always prompt and accurate. I always get excellent germination from their seeds. Check out their Agastache selection. That alone is reason to visit their site.

MarilynK recommended Jung Seeds and Plants and wrote:

Not the fanciest, not a specialty gardening site, Jung Seeds and Plants is just a down-to-earth garden retailer with a good selection of gardening seeds, plants, and sundry other gardening-related items.

I haven't bought plants from Jung's, but I have bought seeds. I have had great success with their seeds -- good germination rates. Some of the seeds offered here are cheaper than at other sites. For example, the new Santa Cruz Sunset begonia is about a dollar cheaper for the same amount of seeds than at some other sites.

My order was shipped within a week of placement, which is good.

One year I was missing some seeds in my order. I called customer service, and within a few days received the seeds and an apology -- as well as four packs of bonus seeds. Not bad!

Some numbers from last week: