Your All Things Plants weekly news: June 8, 2013

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Planters from Stumps and Logs

By Horntoad
June 8, 2013
Planters from Stumps and Logs

Instead of going through the hassle of removing a stump, use it as a planter. Chop out a cavity in the top of the stump, fill with soil, and plant a cascading plant in it. Old logs can be moved to your gardening area and planted as well.


Quick Relief (Albeit Temporary) from Poison Ivy

By robertduval14
June 7, 2013
Quick Relief (Albeit Temporary) from Poison Ivy

If you are dealing with a bit of Poison Ivy, particularly on the hands or forearm area, quick and intense temporary relief can be had by running hot water (as hot as you can stand it without burning yourself) over the affected area. The effect won't last a terribly long time, but the level of relief is unmatched.


ATP Podcast #21: All Things Tomatoes

By dave
June 6, 2013
ATP Podcast #21: All Things Tomatoes

We're having a contest for our new listeners! Additionally, we discuss everything you need to know about tomatoes, how to grow them, how to care for them, and how to deal with their problems.


You Can Reuse Potting Soil

By LarryR
June 5, 2013
You Can Reuse Potting Soil

Save old potting mix and save some money in the bargain when you repot plants. Make sure the plants in the pots had no diseases. Use the old mix to fill the bottoms of large containers. Leave room for at least four to six inches of new mix on top.


When Is the Right Time To Harvest Garlic?

By dave
June 4, 2013
When Is the Right Time To Harvest Garlic?

When the bottom few leaves are dried and brown, the garlic is ready for harvest. I will show you photos of the ready plants, along with tips on how to lift them from the ground and how to cure them for long term storage. (394 words - Read the full article)



By BookerC1
June 3, 2013
Landscape "Planning"

Some of the best plant combinations come about by just planting what you like, rather than by following prescribed rules about "what goes together." If it makes you happy, it is a successful combination!


Daylilies: Sowing the Seeds and Protecting the Seedlings

By Heart2Heart
June 2, 2013
Daylilies: Sowing the Seeds and Protecting the Seedlings

For me, now is the time to sow daylily seeds. In this idea, I intend to show how I sow the daylilies and protect them until they are planted. Note that here in Germany, we have cold phases in May. All gardeners need to plant according to their weather conditions. Most of the purchased seeds come from the United States through an auction site. (490 words - Read the full article)

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Photo of (Hebe 'Lavender Lace') by bootandall:
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Dear Dave and Trish,
Thanks so much for recommending Brushwood Nursery. I purchased the Campsis "Morning Calm" and Rosa "Lady Banks" rambler. I was extremely impressed with the packaging. The plants were absolutely PERFECT!!!! I wish all mail order nurseries had such great packaging standards. I would highly recommend Brushwood to anyone! Thanks for your great podcasts too! I am so happy that you are on itunes. I look forward to hearing you every week. Have a great day!

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