Your All Things Plants weekly news: October 26, 2013

News from Trish:
The ATP plants database hit a new milestone this week. Thanks to all of the contributors, we now have over 200,000 images. Wow!!! A huge congratulations and thanks to all who have helped make the ATP plants database the best!

There were 7 new gardening ideas posted last week:

Macro Hack for Photographing Your Blooms

By greene
October 26, 2013
Macro Hack for Photographing Your Blooms

Use a hand lens or jeweler's loupe to obtain extreme close-ups. (97 words - Read the full article)


Cure Your Bulbs Before You Store Them

By Sashagirl
October 25, 2013
Cure Your Bulbs Before You Store Them

When it's time to dig your summer flower bulbs, make sure you dry them thoroughly before storing them in paper bags or cardboard boxes in a warm, dry spot for the winter. No fancy equipment needed. You can just rummage for an old screen door, lay it across a couple of sawhorses, and you'll have a drying rack.

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ATP Podcast #40: The Podcast Goes Dormant

By dave
October 24, 2013
ATP Podcast #40: The Podcast Goes Dormant

We're going to stop making podcasts for the rest of the year, so we wrap up 2013 with a discussion about the previous episodes we've created, and Dave shares his report of how many listeners we have, and which past episodes were the most popular.


A Tool Cleaning Tip

By Claudia
October 23, 2013
A Tool Cleaning Tip

To easily clean and disinfect your pruners between plants, carry disposable disinfecting wipes with you. Wipe your pruners after each cut.


A Helpful Idea for Using a Sprayer

By woofie
October 22, 2013
A Helpful Idea for Using a Sprayer

I recently discovered that you can get a temporary colorant to add to liquids that are being applied with a sprayer. (136 words - Read the full article)


Chop and Drop Mulch

By flaflwrgrl
October 21, 2013
Chop and Drop Mulch

When I go around pruning plants, I make my own mulch by cutting the prunings into smaller pieces with a few quick snips and I drop them wherever I need mulch. Plants of the pine family, junipers, evergreens... just about anything. This saves me time by not having to haul the prunings somewhere else, plus it mulches. If it's a bit unsightly, that's okay because when I get my bagged mulch, it will go on top and all will be pretty again, but I will need less bagged mulch to do the job. It saves time, work, and money. It's a triple-win situation!


Early Milkweed for the Monarchs

By frostweed
October 20, 2013
Early Milkweed for the Monarchs

Asclepias curassavica is not winter hardy here in North Central Texas, so in order to have fresh milkweed ready for the Monarchs as they return from their wintering in Mexico, I keep milkweed in large pots and bring them into the garage during freezing weather and then take them out again when the danger of frost is past. This way, I have plants for them to lay their eggs on in the spring.


The most popular images last week from our plant database:

Photo of Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Fiesta Spirit') by valleyrimgirl:
Image from plant ID 47319

Photo of Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Outer Limits') by carolannz:
Image from plant ID 59639

Photo of Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Starring Attraction') by dormantsrule:
Image from plant ID 66609

Photo of Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Rosy Spiketail') by floota:
Image from plant ID 63182

Photo of Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica 'Berlingot Menthe') by laszloszakszon:
Image from plant ID 97773

Photo of Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Simplicity in Motion') by floota:
Image from plant ID 65345

The most popular Multi-Plant Photos from last week:

Multi-plant photo by valleylynn:
Image by valleylynn

Multi-plant photo by pixie62560:
Image by pixie62560

Multi-plant photo by 4susiesjoy:
Image by 4susiesjoy

Multi-plant photo by Paul2032:
Image by Paul2032

Multi-plant photo by poisondartfrog:
Image by poisondartfrog

Multi-plant photo by Paul2032:
Image by Paul2032

Noteworthy acorn tips given this week:
5 people gave for the idea "A Helpful Idea for Using a Sprayer" by woofie

4 people gave for the idea "Chop and Drop Mulch" by flaflwrgrl

4 people gave for a post in "Banner for October 21, 2013 by Leftwood" by Leftwood

3 people gave for the idea "A Tool Cleaning Tip" by Claudia

3 people gave for the idea "Early Milkweed for the Monarchs" by frostweed

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3 people gave for the idea "Macro Hack for Photographing Your Blooms" by greene

3 people gave for a post in "A request or 2" by daylily

2 people gave for the idea "Amending Soil and Fertilizing Daylilies in Our Part of the South" by tink3472

2 people gave for the idea "Dividing Daylilies, Overcoming the Fear of Separation" by Char

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Some new recommendations from our members:
virginiarose recommended Parry's Tree Farm and Nursery and wrote:

I bought several lilies from a new website called "The Lily Flower Store." It is a very nice website and they have a good selection. Very user friendly! I ordered 11 lily bulbs and received an immediate response that my order was being processed. A day or two later, I received another response saying the processing had been completed, and I was given a ship date. The Lilies arrived in very good condition. Packing was great and I got free waterproof garden markers. The name is on one side and directions are on the other side -- how deep to plant, etc. I just love this company and I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you!

Roosterlorn recommended The Lily Nook and wrote:

I've ordered from The Lily Nook many times over the past several years and never had any problem of significance to me. Perhaps the biggest hindrances are custom inspection fees and a slight delay in shipping time if ordering within the US. Larger orders make more sense in that case. Even so, the bulbs are so well packed that they arrive in great condition. I have many of their very hardy lilies growing here. Very colorful. Attached is my photo of Champagne Diamond, which I purchased from them last spring.

Roosterlorn recommended Faraway Flowers and wrote:

This year (Fall-2013), was my first year ordering from Faraway Flowers. I can tell you that I was very impressed, not only by the quality of bulbs I received, but also and in particular by the advance notice by Email that the bulbs had been shipped with 2 day priority delivery so I could plan ahead. Aside from the fact that the bulbs I purchased were developed by another well-known hybridizer, Brian Bergman, it's attention to detail and thoroughness in shipping that mean a lot to lily hobbyists like me. Attached is my photo of Easter Morning, a very hardy lily and one of the many beautiful lilies you'll find at Faraway Flowers.

Roosterlorn recommended The Lily Garden and wrote:

I have many, many lilies from The Lily Garden growing here. All are very hardy and have done very well for me. Never a problem of any kind -- always the best. The owner/operator, Judith Freeman, has 41 years of experience with lilies and has created many new lilies during that time. Judith grows all of her stock, so you're always assured of getting the best and true to name. Attached is my photo of Seafarer, just one of Judith Freeman's many beautiful creations.

Roosterlorn recommended B & D Lilies and wrote:

I've been buying from B&D for years and I've never had a problem! They grow what they sell, so I'm always assured of getting the freshest bulbs that are true to name. Good people. Website contains a wealth of interesting information. A 2010 photo of a newly planted El Condor is attached.

Some numbers from last week: