Your All Things Plants weekly news: November 23, 2013

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Constructing a Garden Tuteur

By Bubbles
November 23, 2013
Constructing a Garden Tuteur

Garden tuteurs, or obelisks, give your garden upright forms to train vines and other climbing plants. They also add interest to an area by lifting the eye upward. Tuteurs can be as plain, or as ornate, as you wish them to be. As simple as a few bamboo canes lashed together, or as elaborate as a tall metal structure fused into a rather fussy design, these pyramid shaped frames have been part of gardens for hundreds of years. (589 words - Read the full article)

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Dry Saved Seeds in Paper Envelopes

By RickCorey
November 22, 2013
Dry Saved Seeds in Paper Envelopes

Save paper envelopes from bills and junk mail and dry your saved seeds and seed heads in envelopes instead of on paper plates. They take up less room and are less likely to spill. (672 words - Read the full article)


Benefits of Mulching

November 21, 2013
Benefits of Mulching

Mulch has many benefits when applied to certain perennials, vegetables, shrubs, and trees. In nature, mulch is formed and supplied generously by means of decaying plant litter, falling leaves and pine needles, and rotting trees. In the garden, we must help. (283 words - Read the full article)


How To Deal with Poison Ivy

By Newyorkrita
November 20, 2013
How To Deal with Poison Ivy

Leaves of three, leave it be. What if you accidentally touched it? Here's how to stop the rash of Poison Ivy before it starts. (134 words - Read the full article)


Brush Piles

By SongofJoy
November 19, 2013
Brush Piles

Very few projects are as easy to do or have as much benefit for wildlife as the creation of a brush pile. (356 words - Read the full article)


Creative Gardening Planters with Children Toys

By lovemyhouse
November 18, 2013
Creative Gardening Planters with Children Toys

When designing a children's garden area, get creative with planters. (189 words - Read the full article)


Fall Wildflowers Report from jmorth's Garden

By jmorth
November 17, 2013
Fall Wildflowers Report from jmorth's Garden

New England Asters are starring in this show. These are the 6' wild kind, mostly purple, some pink. Absolute butterfly magnet, often 5 or 7 varieties on sunny days. The rich purple of the asters is complemented by the shiny gold on tall Goldenrod which tops out at up to 10 ft. Another wildflower, the golden sunflower, Maximilian, is also in prime flowering mode. It is a very floriferous fall sunflower that also can be a huge Monarch attractant just before the Monarch migration passes through here in the fall. (306 words - Read the full article)


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Photo of Asters by jmorth:
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Photo of Job's Beard (Sempervivum heuffelii 'Aphrodite') by SleepyStar:
Image from plant ID 611680

Photo of Bird Of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) by pniksch:
Image from plant ID 79112

Photo of Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Long Stocking') by blue23rose:
Image from plant ID 22477

Photo of Iris (Iris ensata 'Greywoods Etcha Sketch') by pirl:
Image from plant ID 72246

Photo of Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Elfin Magic') by floota:
Image from plant ID 46323

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Multi-plant photo by pirl:
Image by pirl

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Image by eclayne

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Image by TBGDN

Multi-plant photo by Bubbles:
Image by Bubbles

Multi-plant photo by duane456:
Image by duane456

Multi-plant photo by pirl:
Image by pirl

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Some new recommendations from our members:
OldGardener recommended Filaree Garlic Farm and wrote:

Because I waited too long to order garlic this year, the usual vendors were no longer shipping. So... I accidentally discovered Filaree Garlic while searching for someone who was still shipping and what a happy accident it has been! Although they are more expensive (they are organic and you pay the extra for it), the quality is fantastic! I ordered 6 different types and cannot be happier with what I received. This is especially surprising given that it is so late in the season and they state clearly that, to get the best quality, order early (they ship the best and largest first and work their way down). If this indicative of their "tag ends," I cannot wait to see what I receive next year with a more timely order. The quality truly is better than anything else I have received in the past from other vendors. I did have to contact customer service when USPS missed the delivery date and their site showed that my package was being held in one location. As it turns out, there had been a storm that delayed sorting the package. Customer service was quick to respond and lovely to deal with.

pirl recommended John Scheepers, Inc. and wrote:

The ideal company for allium ordering. All 495 bulbs arrived healthy and bloomed well. Their customer service people are excellent. I kept adding to the order and they never gave me a problem - most accommodating.

pirl recommended Greywood Farm and wrote:

Darlyn Wilkinson is the owner and hybridizer of Greywood Farm. I've had the pleasure of dealing with her for several orders of Japanese irises though she also hybridizes and sells daylilies and hostas. She sends the largest, healthiest Japanese irises and I am more than thrilled with every plant I've received from her. Considering the amount of fans she sends, for both JI's and daylilies, who could be less than thrilled? Probably the nicest aspect of dealing with Darlyn is that with every spring delivery I've received from her, every plant blooms about two months from receipt. There is no year or two delay in seeing what you bought! Why accept less from any other beardless iris vendor when you can have the very best at Greywood Farms?

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