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June 28, 2014

This Week's Gardening Ideas:

Mixing Bowl in the Garden

By Cat
June 28, 2014
Mixing Bowl in the Garden

Mixing bowls can be very handy for garden chores. (98 words - Read the full article)

Easy Trellis for Seasonal Vines

By passiflora
June 27, 2014
Easy Trellis for Seasonal Vines

Seasonal vines such as native passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) can become unruly in the summer garden, but they can be garden stars with this easy trellis. (221 words - Read the full article)

What a Novice Has Learned About Gloriosa in the Last Month

By TennesseeDave
June 26, 2014
What a Novice Has Learned About Gloriosa in the Last Month

A month ago I had no idea what a Gloriosa was. I just happened to see jmorth's photos of it during my perusal of the forums. I decided then and there that it was a plant that I wanted to acquire and successfully grow. I am still very much a novice, but I have gained enough knowledge (some through painful mistakes) to offer some insights to those of you who may want to have Gloriosa but, for whatever reason, have never tried them. My teachers have been the posts here at ATP, some much appreciated advice from our resident expert on Gloriosa, and my own experience. (487 words - Read the full article)

ATP Podcast #62: Vines and Climbers

By dave
June 25, 2014
ATP Podcast #62: Vines and Climbers

It is Vines and Climbers week at All Things Plants, so today we're going to talk about these climbing friends of the garden. What kinds of support structures do we like? And what are our favorite vines that we recommend to other gardeners? Are there vines that should be avoided? We'll talk about all that and more!

Honeysuckle Vine Can Evoke Strong Feelings

By SongofJoy
June 24, 2014
Honeysuckle Vine Can Evoke Strong Feelings

Not only can it evoke strong feelings with its powerful fragrance, but the much-maligned Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) can also evoke feelings of anger if it escapes into your landscape or beyond. Fortunately, there are other species of this vine that can provide the positive characteristics of honeysuckle without as many of the negative ones. (142 words - Read the full article)

A Mobile Way To Grow Vines

By Xeramtheum
June 23, 2014
A Mobile Way To Grow Vines

Years ago, before my discovery of masonry ladders, I used to grow epic numbers of morning glories and other vines every year in containers. I wanted something that was mobile, had something to climb, and was easy to swap plants in and out of. I came up with "Pots in Pots." (503 words - Read the full article)

The Vine Weevil and Its Larvae -- Top of the Hit List

By Cantillon
June 22, 2014
The Vine Weevil and Its Larvae -- Top of the Hit List

This insect appears near the top of every list of annoying insects. It is very destructive and action should be taken if you come across it. The adult weevil does not do terminal damage to a plant. It may make notches in the leaves, but most plants can shrug it off. The damage is done by the hundreds of larvae that grow from their eggs. These larvae live on a diet of plant roots, and with a bad infestation, they can chew until your plant is severed at the ground. They also cause so much root trauma that when the plant explodes into growth in spring, it dies because it cannot take in the necessary water to support its leaves. (2,271 words - Read the full article)

The most popular images last week from our plant database:

Photo of Passion Flower (Passiflora 'Sapphire') by whisper:
Image from plant ID 144067

Photo of Dunce's Cap (Orostachys malacophylla var. iwarenge) by goldfinch4:
Image from plant ID 140133

Photo of Iris (Iris 'Bubble Dancer') by bramedog:
Image from plant ID 94624

Photo of Garden Peony (Paeonia 'Pink Cameo') by SunnyBorders:
Image from plant ID 534368

Photo of Multiflora Spreading/Trailing Petunia (Petunia x hybrida Crazytunia® Pulse) by Onewish1:
Image from plant ID 545409

Photo of Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Stenciled Infusion') by Ladylovingdove:
Image from plant ID 644768

The most popular Multi-Plant Photos from last week:

Multi-plant photo by Calif_Sue:
Image by Calif_Sue

Multi-plant photo by Onewish1:
Image by Onewish1

Multi-plant photo by DavidofDeLand:
Image by DavidofDeLand

Multi-plant photo by Paul2032:
Image by Paul2032

Multi-plant photo by alwaysbehindMN:
Image by alwaysbehindMN

Multi-plant photo by pirl:
Image by pirl

Noteworthy acorn tips given this week:
7 people gave for the idea "What a Novice Has Learned About Gloriosa in the Last Month" by TennesseeDave

5 people gave for post #645244 in "Banner for June 25, 2014 by woofie" by woofie

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Some new reviews from the ATP Green Pages:
TennesseeDave recommended Maranatha Nursery and Landscape and wrote:

Having recently developed an interest in Brugsmansias, I did what I seem to always do. I read as much as I could here at ATP and then went on an active internet search to see what was available and from whom. I found the BGI site and that led me to Maranatha Nursery. I looked at their Brugsmansia selection and of course the ones I wanted were either not available or would not be available for a few weeks. I wanted some plants NOW, so I called and spoke with owner Steve Balliet. We spoke for about 30 minutes or so and I learned so much regarding these plants. He is a very straightforward individual that is willing to take the time and effort to explain everything to you in great detail. I ordered 2 plants on a Sunday (both 1-gallon size). The plants arrived on Friday ... beautiful, healthy, and much bigger than I thought they would be. Both plants were 18"-24" in height. The plant comes with planting and cultivation information. The packing was superb and the shipping costs reasonable. I highly recommend Steve and Maranatha for Brugsmansia. It is worth a phone call just to talk with Steve about Brugs. He will eagerly inform and entertain you. You do have to overlook the fact that even though he is in Texas, he is a diehard LSU Tiger fan. Other than that little unfortunate fact, he is great to talk to and do business with. Go Dawgs!!

gwhizz recommended Garden Liliums and wrote:

The lilium bulbs are fresh, huge, and healthy. There is absolutely no "junk" (like the junk some other companies send). Seller always includes bonus bulbs and charges fair prices. The results speak for themselves. 4 stars!

ARoseblush recommended Gary Ibsen's Tomato Fest (Seeds) and wrote:

This is a terrific site if you grow "organic" heirloom tomatoes from seed. I have tried about 10 different varieties, and I have had very successful results in my mountain garden here in Vermont. Here is a small excerpt from his "About me": "Gary and Dagma Lacey currently grow more than 600 varieties of certified organic, heirloom tomatoes, many originating from seeds sourced from family farms around the world. They also cherish and share the tomato histories and family stories that accompany the generations of tomato seed saving." When you order your seeds from Tomato Fest, Gary also sends a bonus packet or two of heirloom seeds along with your order. Fabulous site!

melissa123 recommended Delano Daylilies and wrote:

My friends and I have been going to Delano Daylilies for the past 5 years and really love it. The Newmans are a wonderful couple and the garden and daylilies are just beautiful!

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