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for September 12, 2015

This Week's Gardening Ideas:

The Top Salvias

By dave
September 12, 2015
The Top Salvias

We open the Salvias Celebration Week with a look at the top cultivars, top comments, most thumbed images, and more! (2,777 words - Read the full article)

ATP Podcast #95: Save the Monarchs: Grow Milkweed!

By dave
September 11, 2015
ATP Podcast #95: Save the Monarchs: Grow Milkweed!

In this episode Dave and Trish discuss the plight that the monarch butterflies are facing, and talk about some of our favorite milkweed species that we recommend people grow.

Adenium Short Story:  A Survivor

By BabyK
September 10, 2015
Adenium Short Story: A Survivor

So, for the first time ever, I sought information about the desert rose. Oh my . . . I was loving it to death! (434 words - Read the full article)

Oh Deer .......Oh Deer

By Suga
September 9, 2015
Oh Deer .......Oh Deer

This trick to keep deer out of your flower garden is cheap and easy. It's the best trick that has worked for me, and I live in the woods! (83 words - Read the full article)

Watering Tricks and Tips for Container Gardening

By DaisyRyder
September 8, 2015
Watering Tricks and Tips for Container Gardening

Finding something to look forward to when the hot, dry months of summer would roll around was challenging. Combining unique ideas from books, friends and family, along with my own wit and passion for gardening, I began to look forward to the dry months to see how my watering schedules and plans would work. (1,352 words - Read the full article)

The Dalton Project

By springcolor
September 7, 2015
The Dalton Project

Sempervivums are plants of many colors, and this changeability is part of the fascination of growing this alpine succulent. (421 words - Read the full article)

Reuse Potting Mix

By Newyorkrita
September 6, 2015
Reuse Potting Mix

Are you doing a lot of container gardening? The potting mixes always say you should use fresh mix each year, but here is a way to save a little money.

The most popular images last week from our plant database:

By lyle627:
Image from plant ID 540068
By gsutche:
Image from plant ID 4945
By CaliFlowers:
Image from plant ID 34889
By MissyPenny:
Image from plant ID 4428
By Gerris2:
Image from plant ID 78842
By TammyB:
Image from plant ID 539900
By floota:
Image from plant ID 235446
By shive1:
Image from plant ID 64959
By KentPfeiffer:
Image from plant ID 74056

The most popular Multi-Plant Photos from last week:

Photo by plantladylin:
Image by plantladylin
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Image by Paul2032
Photo by Paul2032:
Image by Paul2032
Photo by Paul2032:
Image by Paul2032
Photo by Paul2032:
Image by Paul2032
Photo by ge1836:
Image by ge1836
Photo by Paul2032:
Image by Paul2032
Photo by jmorth:
Image by jmorth
Photo by Paul2032:
Image by Paul2032

Noteworthy acorn tips given this week:

7 people gave for the idea "Watering Tricks and Tips for Container Gardening" by DaisyRyder

4 people gave for post #945197 in "Banner for September 6, 2015 by bootandall" by bootandall

4 people gave for the idea "The Dalton Project" by springcolor

4 people gave for the idea "Reuse Potting Mix" by Newyorkrita

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The most active threads this week:

Subject OP Area Replies
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Buyer Bewarespunky1Daylilies forum42
New irises/new kittenjanwaxIrises forum42
football is backdrdawgSandbox forum41
Am I doomed?tcstoehrSempervivum and Jovibarba forum38
Lily AuctionSCDaylilyDaylilies forum28
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Recomendations on Plumeria to Grow from SeedDavidLMOPlumeria forum27
potting mixLalambchop1Reuse Potting Mix23

Some new reviews from the ATP Green Pages:

bluegrassmom recommended Texas Daylilies and wrote:

I received my order on Sept 10th 2015. The daylilies were all large, healthy fans, plus extra fans for a bonus. Nice long root systems too. AAA+ seller. Thanks so much, Jon Teresa Barrow aka bluegrassmom

DavidLMO recommended SmartSeeds and wrote:

Have ordered seeds from them 4 times and always happy. They do not have all the weird and esoteric stuff you can find some places, but they do offer a lot out of the ordinary and things not readily found elsewhere. The owner takes a personal interest and all their offerings and she goes out of her way to meet the needs of avid seed collectors. Will buy there gain and suggest you check out their site - first class outfit.

DavidLMO recommended Onalee's Seeds and wrote:

Interesting selection and very reasonable prices. Quick delivery. Lotsa info sent including specil growing tips for seeds. Will buy there again.

DavidLMO recommended Logee's Greenhouses and wrote:

Have purchased from them on three occassions and very pleased each time. They have many rare items and some items not easily found elsewhere. Nice selection of tropicals for an out fit from CT. :-) Heartily suggest you give their site a peek. They have frequent sales and their normal prices are very reasonable.

DavidLMO recommended Lazy S'S Farm Nursery and wrote:

Nice selection and great quality. Don't shop here if you want cheap. Their stuff is quality and their prices correspond. I purchased 4 trees and shrubs from them and was quite pleased and everything has done very well. They have a large variety and some things not found elsewhere. I bought a Franklin tree from them - a very rare tree that can no longer be found in the wild. Highly recommended.

flaflwrgrl recommended Bluestone Perennials and wrote:

A couple of months ago I ordered 3 Lycium barbarum (Goji berry) and 1 Eupatorium dubium (Baby Joe Pye Weed) from Bluestone Perennials. It was the first time I had ever ordered from them. I was impressed when I placed the order that they allow you to pick your own ship date. I wanted the latest ship date I could get because it's so hot here that things really need to be planted in the fall to get a great start for next year. I asked them to ship as late as possible. They emailed me back the next day saying my order would ship the 2nd week of September. Today I received my plants. I opened the box & WOW! The box was pretty tall so I expected the plants to just come to the top of the box but they looked like they wanted to pop out of the box! There was so much greenery on top that I couldn't believe it. Here, see for yourself. I was so impressed with the way the plants were packaged. I think an elephant would have to sit on it to do any damage to the plants inside. Certainly if the box gets turned upside down or on its side, the plants would be fine. The box is clearly marked "this side up" and mine arrived that way, but we all know there are occasions when boxes get turned upside down. These are my plants after I removed them from the box. The Eupatorium is on the left, and you can see it's fairly wilted. I was a little concerned, but not greatly because I know plants can do that and recover. All the plants were just barely damp and needed a good drink. I put them in a container of water. This photo was taken just under 2 hours after I had received them. You can see the Eupatorium has perked right up and I expect it will continue to do so over the next day or so. Bluestone included a nice packet containing information on how to treat your plants after receiving them. I will not hesitate to order from Bluestone in the future! I am overwhelmed by the size and condition of the plants, not to mention the packaging. It's worth every penny I spent.

BillAlleysDLs recommended CT Daylily and wrote:

Have been buying from Rich the last few years and always have received hearty plants, bonuses, delivery as requested, and immediate responses to e-mails.

BookerC1 recommended SRQHoyas and wrote:

I just received three lovely hoyas from SRQHoyas as a prize for the 2015 August Not-a-raffle-raffle. They were well-packed, and were healthy and happy when they arrived. I wouldn't hesitate to order from SRQHoyas again! Great customer service and communication at every step, and very nice plants!

bluegrassmom recommended Winterberry Iris Gardens and wrote:

I ordered 8 irises in Aug 2015. I was very pleased with the size and the extra bonus plants that I received. Ginny Spoon was very helpful on the phone also. A nice person to do business with.

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