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for July 2, 2016

How To Stop Cutworms

By Peterthinks
June 30, 2016
How To Stop Cutworms

I had cutworms killing my tomato plants. To stop it, I did this... (111 words - Read the full article)

Get Your Potted Plants off the Ground!

By Gymgirl
June 28, 2016
Get Your Potted Plants off the Ground!

Build a simple "Planter Pallet" out of free, recycled, or reclaimed materials, to keep tree roots from invading your potted plants. The pallet also helps your containers drain better, because they aren't sitting flush on the surface! These are great for patio containers, and may be cut into various shapes to suit your fancy! (290 words - Read the full article)

Why You Should Learn About PPM

By ArtD
June 26, 2016
Why You Should Learn About PPM

Many folks like to start their plants indoors from seed. (555 words - Read the full article)

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Photo of Intermediate Bearded Iris (Iris 'Langport Storm')
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Photo of Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Water Waltz')
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Photo of Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Rainbow Shadows')
By UndertheSun:

Photo of Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Seven of Nine')
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Photo of Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Bev')
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Photo of Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Kitty Kay')
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Photo of Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Boy Crazy')
By scflowers:

Photo of Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Moon Spirit')
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Photo of Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Crackling Caldera')
By UndertheSun:

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Some new reviews from the Green Pages:

robertduval14 recommended Mason Hollow Nursery and wrote:

I'm lucky enough to live less than 2 miles from this incredible nursery. If you love Hostas, there are few places to get higher quality plants at fantastic prices. I can't say much about their mail order, since I just head down the road and can pick and choose from the more than 800 Hosta cultivars they have available. These are all plants I've purchased from Mason Hollow over the years... Hosta (Hosta 'Brother Stefan')Photo by robertduval14Hosta (Hosta 'Captain Kirk')Photo by robertduval14Hosta (Hosta 'Grand Marquee')Photo by robertduval14 Hosta (Hosta 'Happy Dayz')Photo by robertduval14Hosta (Hosta 'June Fever')Photo by robertduval14Hosta (Hosta 'Proud Sentry')Photo by robertduval14 Hosta (Hosta 'Thunderbolt')Photo by robertduval14Hosta (Hosta 'Yellow Splash')Photo by robertduval14Hosta (Hosta 'Yin')Photo by robertduval14

beckygardener recommended Caladium Bulbs 4 Less and wrote:

Bill gave members here a great deal on Double Pearl Tuberose clumps! I order 10 and was sent a total of 19 clumps (some very large and some smaller). They were already starting to sprout. I had enough for 3 containers and can't wait until they produce flowers and blooms! Great service, fast shipping, very generous extras, and very well packaged! I was amazed how many were packed into the box! I am very, very happy with my purchase! THANK YOU so much, Bill!

florange recommended Tropical Plants & More and wrote:

Today I received 3 lb of garlic from Ken and 3 ground orchids. Oh my! The garlic smells wonderful, and the orchids don't even know they have left the ground. I potted them up right way. Ken sends good plants and fresh, tasty garlic! I will order from him again!

ChefDebbie recommended Ortho and wrote:

Have been having a horrible battle with ants. Seemed I was losing. Bought Bug-B-Gon. A 10-lb bag cost $5 at home depot. Haven't seen ants since, except a straggler or 2. Awesome stuff! And it's safe to use in your vegetable beds also. Bravo, Ortho!

Horntoad recommended Kartuz Greenhouses and wrote:

I received my first shipment from Kartuz Greenhouses and I am very satisfied. Very nice looking plants at a good price and fast shipping.

Totally_Amazing recommended Wood-Eden Daylilies & Cannas and wrote:

I have purchased daylilies, kniphofias and agapanthus from Wood-Eden online and I have always received friendly advice and quality plants. Once I asked them what their most pink and most red kniphofias are and I received a detailed reply explaining which ones are pink and red along with their height, bloom times etc. They always send healthy, decent-sized plants, which flower in their first year, and they advise me in advance when the plants are being posted. I highly recommend this nursery.

MunchkinsMom recommended dogwooderitternet on eBay and wrote:

I've ordered from "Dogwood" several times since last fall, after I saw some comments on Garden Web recommending him highly. I was still a bit hesitant to order from eBay, but my concern was unwarranted. My first order arrived very quickly, but had been damaged by the carrier. When I contacted "Dogwood" to let him know, he immediately refunded the cost of the one plant that was most damaged (all others were OK), and THEN he also sent me a replacement! He has a wide and varied selection of plants and even some that are hard to find. The plants are usually small (2 1/2" x 2 1/2" pots) but he always specifies the pot size. The plants are very healthy, very reasonably priced, and have all thrived for me. He charges $5.70 for shipping on the first plant, then $.80 for each additional plant. He ships quickly, packages securely, and is responsive if there is a problem (although there never has been one since that first damaged package). I've been very pleased with all my orders (and there have been a lot since last fall), and will definitely continue ordering from him.

MunchkinsMom recommended Select Seeds and wrote:

Fantastic company! Great selection of heirloom plants. I found them because I wanted some Heliotrope--how long since you've heard of them? I was thrilled when I found them there, and also ordered an Asclepias and an Allium. Since they were getting ready to end plant shipping for the season, all were on sale, but even if they hadn't been, the regular prices were very reasonable. All plants arrived in excellent condition in the most protective packaging I've ever seen. I just can't recommend this company highly enough! Check them out, and I feel sure you'll be impressed.

MunchkinsMom recommended High Country Gardens and wrote:

My order from High Country Gardens arrived on time and well-packed. The Chilopsis tree is beautiful and healthy. I look forward to watching it grow. I'll gladly order from them again.

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