July 29, 2017


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   Why do my sunflowers droop?   

"We planted a couple rows of sunflowers and they first grew in looking very strong. Now the petals look wilted and some of the flowers stalks are falling over. Why is this and is there a way to fix it?" - Read the answer


Recovery: Bringing Back Bumble Bees
Bees are in big trouble. The good news is that virtually all ecologically literate North Americans will tell you that. The bad news is they’re worried about the wrong bees — honey bees.
Edible Landscaping - How to: Espalier an Apple Tree
Many gardeners would love to grow apples, pears, peaches, and other tree fruits in their yard, but don't have the room or climate to accommodate them. While there are many dwarf tree fruit varieties on the market, sometimes even these trees are too large for a small yard. Plus, if you live in a cold winter or cool summer climate, some fruits just won't grow and mature well for you. Learn how to accommodate in this article.
Best Herbs for Teas
Here are my picks for the most flavorful and widely adapted "tea" plants for home gardens, along with tips for harvesting and my favorite recipes. All of these plants grow well throughout the United States. They are hardy perennials (up to -20oF) that do well in sun or part shade, except where noted.
Sweet Potato Weevil
This pest affects crops in the southern United States. The weevils' larvae -- 1/3-inch-long white legless grubs with dark heads -- tunnel through sweet potato roots and vines
Find your Zone
Exactly which USDA hardiness zone are you in? Well, it depends. Use our zone map and article to help.
Crepe Myrtles: Plant Care and Collection of Varieties
The Crepe Myrtle is a fast-growing, small to medium-sized deciduous tree that produces large, colorful flowers over a long period from midsummer to fall. The foliage is attractive in fall and the textured bark provides winter interest. Another common name is southern lilac. It is typically cultivated as a multi-trunked flowering tree grown throughout the warmer climates of the world.


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