August 19, 2017


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   Cactus Color Fading   

"I have a short round cactus that I keep in a pot indoors. I bought it about 9 months ago while on a trip to Phoenix. It is only about 1 to 1.5 inches tall. Anyway, I noticed that over the last several weeks the base of the cactus has turned from a dark green to a yellow/pale green. And this seems to be spreading higher from the base. I recently replanted the cactus in a larger pot, but it does not look any better. Is the change in color a result of winter hibernation or is it because I have over/under watered the plant. I don't know if I should water it some more and give it some food or to just leave it be. Can you give me some advice? What type of food would I give it and do you carry such a product?" - Read the answer


The August 2017 Not-A-Raffle-Raffle!
Another great raffle is all lined up!
Planning for Fall
The summer harvest is in full swing. Tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, corn, squash, and melons are ripening, giving us the fresh fixings for many a delicious summer meal. But the days are getting shorter and fall is on the way. It's time to think about planting to continue the harvest as the seasons change.
Avoiding the Mummy Berry in Blueberries
Blueberries are a popular fruit for home gardeners. They are generally easy to grow and the berries are delicious and highly nutritious. But sometimes the mature berries shrivel up, turning gray and hard. Blossoms turn brown and dry up, immature berries may fall before they ripen and eventually the tips of branches may wilt and die.
Plants to Extend Your Blooming Garden into Fall
As the heat of the summer starts to give way to cooler days and nights it's time to think about getting the most out of the fall season that lies ahead. There are a number of plants that thrive in the fall, and depending on where you live, the time is here or fast approaching when you should start planning for extending the growing season. There are plants for show, edible plants, and some that do double duty that just might fit your design and taste. Here are a few that I like.


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