October 28, 2017


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   Purple Leaf Plum Tree   

"We recently planted a purple leaf plum tree in our front yard (east facing) at our first house. It's surrounded by rocks. It seems to be doing fine, has some new growth, but not much. It's on a 14 min./day drip system. However, we learned after planting it that they like high humidity. Is this true, and if so, what would you suggest? We don't want to move it nor can we put grass down around it. We thought of planting some sort of plants around the base of it - would that help at all, and if so, what kind of plants would you recommend for this? Any info. regarding purple leaf plum trees would be greatly appreciated, as this is the first tree we have ever planted." - Read the answer


Forcing Tulips Indoors
For those who can never get enough of tulips or can't wait until they spring up naturally in the garden, they can be forced indoors.
Extending the Gardening Season
Grow some plants, such as cold-tender herbs and dwarf fruit trees, in containers that you can move in- and outdoors as weather permits.
Problems with Deer
Knowing more about deer habitat and dining preferences and combining a variety of strategies allows gardeners to customize solutions to deer-damage problems for individual gardens.
Gourds, Squashes And Pumpkins: Plant Care and Collection of Varieties
A type of squash, pumpkins, are best known as a Halloween decoration, but many varieties are also excellent substitutes for winter squash in soups and stews.
Pansies for Cool Weather Color
In early spring, and again in fall, I pot up bright cheerful pansies and violas in containers of all kinds.
Harvesting and Storing Pumpkins and Squash
As the weather begins to cool and the days begin to shorten, we look forward to the colorful harvest of pumpkins and winter squash. These sturdy vegetables are emblematic of autumn, whether for seasonal decorating, grinning Jack-o-lanterns, Thanksgiving pies, or warming stews and casseroles. And with proper harvesting and storage techniques, you can enjoy this vegetable bounty long after cold weather has closed the garden down.
Store and Prepare Winter Squash
With the gardening season winding down, it's time to think about storing and cooking some of your prized harvest


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