December 16, 2017


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   Poinsettia Leaves Curling   

"The leaves on my Poinsettia are curling and wilting even though the soil is moist (or seems moist); am I watering too much or not enough?" - Read the answer


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Welcome, Terra Ceia Farms, our newest corporate member! Who is Terra Ceia Farms? We're glad you asked!

In 1938, Leendert Van Staalduinen left Holland with his wife, Cornelia, and their 10 children. Originally destined for the small Dutch enclave of Eastern North Carolina known as Terra Ceia, the family ended up spending 5 years in Hamilton, Ontario Canada because of war-time immigration policies. Finally, the paperwork was in order for moving to the States, and in 1943, the family arrived in Pantego. It was here they would establish The Terra Ceia Farm to grow cut flowers.

As was typical at that time, growers would import fresh bulbs to plant in the Fall and harvest flowers from in the Spring. Leendert realized that there was opportunity for selling bulbs as well as their bounty and in 1950 he started a mail-order business as a sideline. When he was injured in a farm accident in 1960 and unable to do much work, he devoted himself entirely to this aspect of his business.

To make a long story short, through much blessing and hard work, the business grew and has now been passed to the third generation (or 'first generation American' as the elder Van Staalduinen was fond of saying). During this time the farm has diversified by adding row crops and field-grown nursery production - currently 1250 acres devoted to row crops and 250 acres for the cut flowers and nursery.

Thanks to many loyal customers, the mail-order has become a consistent avenue for getting our products into the garden. While they remain firmly 'grounded' in their past, they have much faith for the future and look forward to the opportunity to serve your flowerbulb and plant needs.

We're glad to have them join as NGA Corporate Members!


380 members joined.
3,369 posts written in our forums.
1,061 photos posted to the plant database.
497 plants added to personal inventory lists.