January 27, 2018


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   Growing Colorado Blue Spruce In Container   

"I have a Colorado Blue Spruce currently growing in a 16-inch pot. I bought it a year ago from a reputable area nursery, and last spring it did put out new growth. However, the center top spike lost its needles, as did a few of the lower branches. Should I prune these off or leave them bare? I realize the tree is dormant now but it is looking a little dry. I have never fertilized it and we have received ample rainfall over the last few months. I hate to go ahead and put it in the ground because I'm not in a permanent location yet. Any tips for bringing this back to a healthier tree?
Thank you.
Lisa Reynolds" - Read the answer


Growing Asparagus
Asparagus season starts in January and February in warmer areas and will continue into spring across the country, but a new technique from Taiwan can extend the asparagus-harvesting season wherever you live.
Grow Your Herbs Indoors
Even in winter we can still grow fresh herbs. In most regions the herb garden is now dormant, but with a little planning you can grow many culinary herbs indoors this winter. An indoor herb garden is not only functional, it can be attractive and provide a remembrance of summer during the dark days of winter.
All About Hostas
There is no better way to brighten up a shady spot than by planting hostas. Although the plants bear tall spikes of white or lavender flowers in midsummer, hosta are planted primarily for the season-long show of their striking foliage.
Preparing a New Garden Plot
Eliminating weeds and getting the soil ready for your flowers and vegetables are important first steps in growing a successful garden. Time spent in preparation reduces the time you'll have to spend maintaining and weeding your garden over the course of the growing season.
Fancy Daylilies
Whether single-colored or intricately patterned, daylilies (Hemerocallis) are practically unmatched for their adaptability and versatility in the garden.
Forcing Tulips Indoors
In the realm of gardening, instant gratification is an elusive matter. For the most part, nature forces her rhythms on our desires. But find a way to speed up the seasons, and you can nudge spring-flowering tulips to bloom in winter.
Peony Care
Peonies are renowned for their large, colorful, bowl-shaped, flowers and dark green foliage. Once established, these beauties are some of the longest-lived and most reliable garden plants.


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